A Mastered Life

A Mastered Life

Talks and Writings on the Laws Inherent in the True Guru-Devotee Relationship
To Be Lived with the Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj.

Only edition, 1997.


Part One: The Guru-Devotee Relationship

The Most Basic Principle
Allow the Guru to Be Mindless
Realize Oneness with the Giver
The Pattern of the Master
The Tradition of Devotion to the Adept
Adidam Is the Way of God-Realization, Not Social Religiosity
The Culture of Respect

Part Two: Recognition of the Master

First Receive the Revelation
Divine Revelation Gives You Another Life
The True Heart-Master for the Whole World
Come to Me Free to Recognize Me
Conditional Existence Requires Resort to the Source
Spiritual Rebirth
The Heart Is Not Satisfied by Dissatisfaction

Part Three: The Vow of Devotion and Obedience

The Force of a Vow
Surrender Through Obedience
Remain Obedient, Responsible, and in Vulnerable Relationship to Avatar Adi Da No Matter What Arises
When I Give You My Instruction
I Am Your Capacity
The Guru Is The Genius
I Speak the Truth
Live by My Word so that My Blessing Works
My Pleasure is the Measure of Your Practice
Duplicate My Pattern
Set Your Life Straight Today
The Bond of Love Between the Sat-Guru and the Devotee
Accept My Mastery

Part Four: Handle Your Life Business

The Sadhana of Discipline
Lay Everything at My Feet
What I Want to Give You
My Word Covers All Life-Business
Your Service to Me Is Always Direct
Handle Business Systematically
Agreements with Me
The Preferred Way
Your Vow to Me Is Prior to All Other Commitments
The Regenerative Disposition

Part Five: The Hard School and the Happy Way of Life

Sadhana Hurts
The Only Yoga Is the Surrender of the Dwarf
I Am a Fire
The Ordeal of Milarepa
It Can Be Easier
God-Realization Is Perfectly Possible
Maintain Your Commitment
True Realism
Your Vow to Me Is Mine
The Guru-Centric Sadhana
Guru-Bhava Is Intoxication

Part Six: A Fiery Calling
Bring Me A Gathering of Devotees Truly Under Vows, and Establish My Authority in Its Midst.

Epilogue: How Magical! How Profound!

(224 pp.)