Matt Segall and Rupert Sheldrake – Science, Religion, and A.N. Whitehead

This video is a shortened version taken from Matt Segall’s YouTube channel Footnotes2Plato posted on September 26, 2020.


Matt Siegel, a Whitehead Scholar, talks with Rupert Shere, a biologist beyond the traditional designation of a biologist.  Sheldrake is most notably known for his work in area known as the morphogenic field – the biology of energy that precedes and eventually creates form.

Matt speaks with Rupert because of his work with the Cobb Institute and their efforts to talk to scientists who have some understanding of Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy. The Cobb Institute also is interested in natural scientists whos work corresponds to Whitehead’s process philosophy.  Rupert’s work, as you will find out from this discussion, fits very well within the ideas of Whitehead’s writings.

I’ve edited and shortened the original talk of 01:39 down to 00:40.  You can go HERE to watch the unedited version.