The Mind, the Body, and the Radiant Transcendental Being – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Chapter 4: The Culture of Eternal Life

The Mind, the Body, and the Radiant Transcendental Being


Introversion is the anti-relational or “oriental” subjectivist tendency toward consoling absorption in the internal, independent, or “bodiless” conditions of mind.

Extroversion is the seemingly relational but self-possessed “occidental” tendency toward consoling absorption in the experiential and external conventions of the “embodied” or physically expressed mind-self.

Neither introversion nor extroversion characterizes the Way of Life in Truth, and the Mood or Posture of Enlightenment is characterized neither by the strategic embrace nor the strategic avoidance of the patterns of introversion or extroversion. Rather, Enlightenment is a matter of Transcendental Ecstasy, or self-transcending Awakening to the Condition in which all events or experiences or conditions (whether “subjective” or “objective”) arise.

Therefore, when there is such Awakening, the Drama of psycho-physical experience is utterly transcended in Ecstasy, or tacit Absorption in the Blissful Realization of the Radiant Divine Self-Fullness. That Radiant Fullness of Being Transfigures or Outshines all experience of mind and body, dissolving all the seriousness or humorlessness of the egoic psyche and its subtle and gross forms of worldly embodiment.

When such Awakening is most profound, there is native or prior Self-Absorption-there is Liberating Dissolution of the contracting, limiting, and self-defining power of psycho-physical states. Such states may seem to continue-from the viewpoint of others-but they are “involving” to the “subject” only in a playful and transparent sense, without binding power. And the individual or “subject” self will seem to be rather “uninvolved,” no matter how intense the quality of his apparent action or experience.

It is not that some internal pattern becomes absorbing, but, rather, the Transcendental Condition of Radiant Being has been Realized as the Condition and Truth of all events, internal and external. Therefore, such an individual cannot be understood or identified by his actions (which may be either “conventional” or “unconventional” relative to common behaviors), nor may the profundity of his Realization be determined by analysis of his “inner” or psychic experiences, healing powers, miraculous abilities, or any other evidence in the body-mind.

The Power of Divine or Transcendental Ecstasy simply Liberates the body-mind from the recoiling or self-defining tendency, thus permitting egoless existence (or non-separation from the Radiant Divine Being). That Ecstasy Transfigures the total body-mind with Radiant Life, dissolving all conditional emotions in Love-Bliss, so that world and body and mind are, in effect, forgotten or overcome in the Whimsy of Liberation. More and more, this Blissful Disposition conquers the problem-based, strategic, and self-bound will to experience and accumulated knowledge in the countless domains or worlds of body and mind.


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