Swami Muktananda’s letter, translated by A.J. Alston

Translation of Swami Muktananda’s letter
by A. J. Alston

Sri Guru Deva

Dear N. Loving remembrances of the Self.

1) You have attained to samadhana [ecstatic
“collectedness”, or “samadhi”] in dhyana [meditation],
and you bave fulfilled the sadhana of dhyana. You are realized in
dhyana. You also have acquired the honor [or glory] of
perfection in dhyana. Because dhyana is your [profoundest]
desire, you have been given the name of Dhyanananda. On the path of
Yoga, you will be known as Dhyanananda.

2) You are a true, faithful, realized
[“siddha”] student of Guru Bhagawan.
The Kundalini Shakti is at work effecting Siddha Yoga
3 in you.

3) You know Vedanta, too. You have reached the
highest human condition [“mula-manavata”] of the mystical
tradition of Vedanta. The Shakti of your Inmost Self is at work.

4) “He [alone] who has seen something can
teach it.” Following this maxim, you can teach dhyana to others
according to the traditional rules.

5) You have devotion to your Guru, you practice
meditation on your identity with Parameshvara [the Supreme
Lord], and you respect your fellow-humans and practice
equal-mindedness towards them. Because this is so, the Consciousness
[citi] of Holy Kundalini [will give you] perfect
support. It will make you honored, as is proper, as one wbo has
attained yogic liberation [“yoga-moksha”]. I say this on “the
Authority of the Shastra [sacred scripture].”

6) Througb doing your duty, through worshipping
Parameshvara by your performance of dhyana, you have attained the
state of sole preoccupation with the identification with Paramatman
[Transcendental Self]. Thus I bless you.

7) This is Kundalini Yoga. It comes from being in
all, from coming from all, from Kundalini being in all. You have the
ability to do the meditation of a self-renouncer [“yami”]. To
meditate is the duty of one who renounces himself.

Swami Muktananda, Thana District, Maharashtra
State, India


1. & 2. Here Swami Muktananda
salutes his own “Divine Guru”, Bhagawan Nityananda, whom he also
subsequently acknowledges to be the Guru, or Spirit-Baptizer and
Guide, of the young Da Love-Ananda.

3. “Siddha Yoga” is, literally, the
“Yoga of the Adepts”; in this case, it is the form of Kundalini Yoga
Taught by Swami Muktananda, which is initiated by the Guru’s
transmission of “Shakti”, or Spiritual Energy.

4. Or “according to the rules of the lineage”
(“parampara niyama”).