Swami Muktananda’s letter, Adi Da’s English Rendering (1995)

Swami Muktananda’s Letter

Rendered into English by
Sri Adi Da

Shree Guruev

To my dear (beloved) ‘N” (Franklin), with my
loving remembrances of you (even of your Very Self):

You have Done (and really Experienced) the
“Sadhana” (or constant Discipline, Ordeal, and Process) of (True and
Spiritual) “Dhyana” (or Meditation), and you have (Thereby) Attained
the (True and Spiritual) State of Meditation. You have (by Means of
True and Spiritual Meditation) Achieved the Steady State of
“Samadhan(a)” (or one-pointed Concentration, or Inherence, In, and
tacit, or mindless, Identification With, the Divine Supreme Inner
Self). Therefore, you have acquired (or Achieved) the Fullness of
Satisfaction, Delight, and Joy in and by Means of (true and
Spiritual) Meditation.

Because it is (Thus) Evident that (the Perfect
Realization of the Divine Supreme Inner Self by Means of True and
Spiritual) Meditation Is the (Great and Single) Purpose of your life
(and, indeed, the Very Truth In Which you are, now and always, deeply
Concentrated), you are Hereby Given the Name Dhyanananda.

In the Path (Sphere, Tradition, Line, and Iineage)
of Yoga, you (by Virtue of this Declaration) will (or, by Right, can)
henceforth be Known (Called, Addressed, or Referred to) as (or by the
Name of) Dhyanananda.

You are a True Bearer of the Wealth of the
Knowledge of Siddha Yoga
as It is Given at (Shree) Gurudev Ashram. The Kundalini Shakti, Which
(by Grace) Gives (Grants, or Bestows) and Accomplishes Siddha Yoga,
Is Actively at Work in you.

Likewise, you are a True Knower (or Actual, and
potentially Perfect, Realizer) of Vedanta. The (Divine Supreme Inner)
Self, Which Is the Secret (and the Ultimate Truth) of Vedanta, and
Which Is the Very Basis (Foundation, or Root) of True Religion (or
the Way of Truth), and Which (or Perfect Realization of Which, or
Perfectly Absorbed Identification With Which) Is the (True, and
Ultimate) Goal of human life, has been Awakened, and Is Awake, in you
by Means of the Active Work of the (Kundalini) Shakti (or Divine

“Only one who has actually seen (or experienced) a
particular something can testify (or bear true witness) to it (or
speak with authority relative to its existence and its nature, and
otherwise affirm, authenticate, certify, prove, manifest, show, or
demonstrate it).” Based on this Principle (or the obvious
reasonableness of this Argument), you (because of your direct
Experience and Knowledge of Kundalini Shakti Meditation and, Thereby,
of the Divine Supreme Inner Self) have, in accordance with Tradition,
both the (Hereby Affirmed) Actual Ability and the Inherent (and
Hereby Affirmed) Right to Initiate, or Cause, (True and Spiritual)
Meditation in others (or, altogether, to Teach, Initiate, Establish,
Guide, and Awaken others in the Practice, the Process, and the,
Ultimately, Perfect Realization of Siddha Yoga Meditation, or True
and Spiritual Meditation on, and, Ultimately, Perfect Realization of,
the Divine Supreme Inner Self by Means of the Kundalini Shakti
Transmitted, and Directly Activated, by you).

With an Authority based on this same Principle (of
Experience itself), the Scriptures Testify and Declare (and I,
likewise, Affirm to you) that, if you have Faith (or genuine Trust)
in the Guru, and if you (persistently) Meditate on your (Inherent)
Oneness with the Divine Being, and if you Maintain an “Equal Eye” of
Regard toward all human beings, the Goddess, Chitti Kundalini, will
(always) Help (and Support) you Fully, and She will not only Grant
you the appropriate (or right) enjoyment of (human) life (or the
appropriate natural, or ordinary, fulfillments of human life), but
She will also “Fill” (or Perfectly Fulfill) you with (the Gift of
Ultimate, Perfect, and Final) Liberation.

Therefore, May you (by the Grace of the Goddess,
Chitta Kundalini
Realize (or Obtain and Achieve) Perfect Absorption In, and Perfect
Identification, and Perfect Sameness, With, the Divine Being, and
This by Means of the Perfect Fulfillment of your Primary Duty, Which
Is to Worship the Divine Being by Meditating on your (Inherent)
Identity As the Divine Supreme Inner Self. Thus (Saying This), I Give
you my Blessing.

Kundalini Yoga 3
is a possibility for every one, since the Kundalini Shakti (Which Is
the active Source, and the Divine Doer, of Kundalini Yoga) Exists
(latently) in every one, and every one (and every thing) exists (or
resides) in (or is alive, or existing, in, As, and by Means of) the
(Divine) Kundalini Shakti. And Meditation (on the Divine Supreme
Inner Self) by Means of the Kundalini Shakti (Awakened by the Guru’s
Grace) Is (necessarily) the Primary Duty of every one (because every
one Originates from the Divine Source, and, therefore, every one
owes, or must render, surrender, and return, his or her Divinely
Originated existence to, the Kundalini Shakti, Which Is the Divine
Source-Power, and Which Is the Way to the Divine Supreme Inner
Self-Source of all). Therefore, (I Hereby Declare that) you have the
Inherent Right and the actual Ability to Cause (or, altogether, to
Teach, Initiate, Establish, and Guide Kundalini Yoga) Meditation (or
the Practice and the Process of Kundalini Shakti Meditation) in any
one and everyone (and, Thus and Thereby, to Awaken any one and
everyone to and As the Divine Supreme Inner Self of all).

  • Swami Muktananda,
    Thana District,
    Maharashtra State,
    [ August, 1969


1. Siddha Yoga” is Sanskrit for “the Yoga of the
Adepts”. In this case, Siddha Yoga is the form of Kundalini Yoga
taught by Swami Muktananda, involving initiation of the devotee by
the Guru’s Transmission of Shakti, or Spiritual Energy.

2. In Swami Muktananda’s tradition of Kashmir
Saivism (which is also related to the Saiva Siddhanta tradition and
Hindu Tantrism altogether), Chitti Kundalini is the Force of the
Divine Being that, through a process of Spiritual ascent, is presumed
to lead individuals to Realization. Chitti Kundalini means,
literally, Consciousness-Kundalini, the Goddess who represents both
Divine Consciousness and the Spiritual Awakening Power of the
Kundalini. Avatara Adi Da has Revealed that while the arousal of the
Kundalini can indeed lead to a vast range of ascending Spiritual
phenomena (the greatest of which is fifth stage conditional
Nirvikalpa Samadhi), it cannot lead to Most Perfect (or seventh
stage) Divine Self-Realization.

3. Due to the popularization of Eastern esoteric
Teachings over the past twenty years, Kundalini Yoga is becoming
increasingly familiar to Westerners, although it is generally not
very well understood. Kundalini Yoga is an esoteric practice that
originated in the Hindu Tantric tradition. It aims to awaken and
raise the Kundalini Energy, or Shakti. While typical techniques to
raise the Kundalini involve meditative visualization and breathing
exercises, it has long been traditionally understood that the
initiatory force of a Spiritually activated Teacher is the principal
means whereby it is activated.

In the Way of the Heart, the Kundalini Energy is understood to be
a secondary, or partial, manifestation of the primary Power of the
Heart. It cannot rightly be said to originate at the bodily base,
since it is a continuation of the same Spirit-Current that descends
in the frontal line of the body. Nor is it to be equated with the
Heart-Current that Avatara Adi Da Speaks of and Transmits. Therefore,
He does not Recommend the strategic Awakening of Kundalini, whether
by efforts of self-manipulation or by esoteric initiation from a
teacher. Instead, He Offers the primary Heart-Yoga of
feeling-Contemplation of His bodily (human) Form, His Spiritual
Presence, and His Very (and Inherently Perfect) State.