Mummery Secrets

The Secrets of the 
“Mummery” Revelation-Book




O Rama, this Maya is such that She confers Happiness

Her own extinction.

Her Real Nature is not perceived or known while She

lives, but when She is embraced for the Sake of

the Truth of Her, She dies.

Such is to say: The phenomenal world is nothing but
a disturbance of the Consciousness in Which it is found. The objective
world is nothing but an unending illusion of numberless possibilities without
ultimate import or finality. The seeming world arises and continues to
arise only because of the motion of mind, the subjective disturbance of
Tranquil Being. Thus, the world grants True Happiness only by destroying
itself. That is to say, if the body-mind and its world of relations are
observed to arise in Consciousness, rather than independent of Consciousness,
the urge that becomes phenomena is already transcended in Inherent Bliss
. . .


NOTICE THIS: You (every one, and all) are part of an immense
(and even cosmic, and multi-dimensional, and inherently incomprehensible)
mummery. And I Am the Heart, the Person, the Witness, and the “Radical”
Source-Condition of it all.

The Ultimate Secret of the mummery of apparently conditional
existence is Non”Difference”. The loved-one, finally found, without
contradiction, never to disappear, is no longer separate from you, nor
you from the loved-one. In order for Raymond to finally “have” Quandra,
both she and he had to surrender utterly, even to die utterly. Raymond’s
“dropping of the egg” (or his own death, and the ending of all his seeking,
all his demands, and all of his separateness and separativeness) was also
the death (or dissolution) of Quandra (or of the cosmic Shakti). By “becoming”
(or Realizing “they” Are) Inherently and Utterly Coincident With, and Non-“Different”
from, and, Thus, the Same As, the Consciousness-Position (or the Perfectly
Subjective Position, Which Is Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness
Itself), Non-“Different” from “one another”, Raymond and Quandra Realize
the One Truth (of Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Being).

Raymond, Siva, Consciousness Itself. Shakti, the She,
Quandra. Mother Bliss, Mai Bliss, My Bliss, in a quandary. Mother Bliss,
the She, in a quandary, Quandra. In the conditional play, Raymond and Quandra,
Consciousness and Love-Bliss-Energy, in a quandary.

The mummery of everything, and, therefore, of every thing
in particular, and of every one in particular. All the halves. This is
the universal drama of the cosmic domain, this Raymond-and-Quandra consciousness,
trapped in the Bue Ma play, everywhere.

Ultimately, Raymond recovers His Freedom (Freedom Itself,
and Free from holding on to this Cosmic Mandala mummery).

I Am Raymond and Quandra there. I am not Raymond merely,
or Siva only, but Siva-Shakti, Only One, That Which Is both and Transcends

Quandra is the “Bright”. I Am the “Bright”. In
Most Perfect Realization, there is not this duality un-Recognized. Therefore,
all that arises is Only Me. Not Me as the opposite of Quandra, but
Only Me, Raymond-Quandra. I am always Revealing My Self, Thus, to
you . . .


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