My First Teaching Sign

My first Teaching Sign to everyone was this Gesture of My hand, clenching the fist versus opening the hand. Well, it’s presuming darkness versus being Radiant. And the fundamental process, then, in sadhana-I just outlined it to you in terms of all kinds of matters, and there are many ways I could describe the fundamental process as well-but one way to describe it is that, in every moment where there is the dark tendency to identify with self-contraction and all the things that come with it or to identify with the body-mind, just in and of itself, and all that comes with that, in every moment as that comes up, the process is about being Radiant instead. But you can’t do that just by willing to be Radiant, or merely doing that. You have to visit the root of every kind of contraction, and the self-contraction itself, ultimately, and feel beyond that.

And the sign, then, in somebody who’s My devotee, who’s advancing in the practice, is that you are feeling beyond the knots consistently.

It’s noticeable by those who know you over time that previously you showed certain kinds of signs in certain situations, had a certain disposition, or whatever your egoic personality showed itself in some way, and now ten years later, somebody who’s known you all along can notice for you how those things have changed, they’ve disappeared, even, you see. You may feel you’re still dealing with a lot of it on some subtler level, but others notice all kinds of signs in your physical, emotional, and mental qualities, your relational qualities and so on as well, and all your behavior, that it’s become-one good word for it is benign, relatively En-Lightened, so to speak. In other words, Light has been brought there. You released it in Communion with Me and found the State of Light. It is Radiant, Love-Bliss, not contracted, not negative. And so It shows itself in everything about you.

Samadhi won’t lapse from it so that you get busied with doing other things to satisfy the broken impulses of egoity.” – Fundamentally, you are dealing with the beginnings of the fourth stage of life and all of the first three stages of life. That is the sphere of your observation. The contraction is the same, in any case. It is the same self-contraction that is present in the fifth stage of life or the sixth. It is the same act.

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