Self-Realization of Noble Wisdom (The

Self-Realization of Noble Wisdom

(The Lankavatara Sutra)

“What I Teach is Tathagatahood in the sense of Dharmakaya,
Ultimate One-ness, Nirvana, emptiness, unbornness, unqualifiedness, devoid
of will-effort.

The reason why I teach the doctrine of Tathagatahood
is to cause the ignorant and simple-minded to lay aside their fears as
they listen to the teaching of egolessness and come to understand the state
of non-discrimination and imagelessness.”

©1932 Dwight Goddard.

© 1983 The Johannine Daist Communion.

Compiled by Dwight Goddard on the basis of D.T. Suzuki’s rendering
from the Sanskrit and Chinese.

Edited by Georg Feuerstein.

ISBN: 0-913922-79-X.

Foreword by Prof. D.T. Suzuki.

Preface by Dwight Goddard.

Publisher’s Note to the Reader.

Introductory Comments by G. Feuerstein.

Introduction by Dwight Goddard.


I. Discrimination.

II. False-Imagination and Knowledge of Appearances.

III. Right Knowledge or Knowledge of Relations.

IV. Perfect Knowledge, or Knowledge of Reality.

V. The Mind system.

VI. Transcendental Intelligence.

VII. Self-Realisation.

VIII. The Attainment of Self-Realisation.

IX. The Fruit of Self-Realisation.

X. Discipleship: Lineage of the Arhats.

XI. Bodhisattvahood and Its Stages.

XII. Tathagatahood Which Is Noble Wisdom.

XIII. Nirvana.

(166 pp)