Note to Reader

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The following note to the reader is
written before all books published by Adidam the church of
Adi Da Samraj.



All who study the “Radical”
Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam or take up its practice
should remember that they are responding to a Call to become
responsible for themselves. They should understand that
they, not Avatar Adi Da Samraj, or others, are responsible
for any decision they may make or action they take in the
course of their lives of study or practice.

The devotional, Spiritual,
functional, practical, relational, cultural practices and
disciplines referred to in this book are appropriate and
natural practices that are voluntarily and progressively
adopted by members of the practicing congregations of Adidam
(as appropriate to the personal circumstance of each
individual). Although anyone may find these practices useful
and beneficial, they are not presented as advice or
recommendations to the general reader or to anyone who is
not a member of one of the practicing congregations of
Adidam. and nothing in this book is intended as a diagnosis,
prescription, or psychological, social, or Spiritual. One
should apply a particular program of treatment, prevention,
cure, or general health only in consultation with a licensed
physician or other qualified professional.