“I” is the body (or the total body-mind). There is no
“I” inside, other than, or separate from the body-mind (or conditional

“I” is contraction—a separative (self-defining and other-defining)
effort added to That which is always already the case. As an ordinary or
foundation discipline. (to maintain psychophysical equanimity and release
energy and attention from entrapment by the conditions of the body-mind),
the “I” (or psycho-physical self) should be relaxed, surrendered, and expanded
beyond its own knot or gesture of contraction. But mature practice develops
only in the event of the stability of true equanimity—that state in which
energy and attention are relatively free of the tendency to be distracted
or bound by the psycho-physical symptoms of the self-contraction. That
mature practice begins when self-observation has developed to the point
of certainty that the “I” (or body-mind-self) is contraction, inherently,
and in every form of its appearance. Therefore, the mature practice is
one that transcends the motives of selfexpansion (and the obsessive search
to achieve pleasurably distracted psycho-physical states). Such mature
practice is simply the re-cognition (or direct transcendence through always
present understanding, or knowing again) of “I” (or all forms of the body-mind-self)
as contraction.

When the self-contraction is utterly re-cognized, it becomes
clear that it is only a transparent, or merely apparent, unnecessary, and
non-binding modification of Nirvanic, Transcendental, or Divine Being,
Consciousness, or Love-Bliss. Such is radical intuition, or the ultimate
basis of the Way of the Heart.

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