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Scientific Proof of the
Existence of God

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Scientific Proof
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Chapter 2: We Have
Outgrown the Cult of Childish Religion

The Intuitive
Experience That Produces True Religion


True religion has its
origin in the nonverbal intuition and direct
experience of the Reality, Life-Power, and
Consciousness that pervades and transcends the
world and the body-mind of Man. There is truly no
verbal-mental argument that can convince anyone
that there is this Reality. That is why mere
objective science and technology fail to produce a
higher human culture, and it is also why archaic
and conventional religious belief systems are
inadequate and false means of associating with the
Divine Reality. There must be direct and personal
intuition and even bodily experience of the
Transcendental Reality if an individual is to
become truly religious and practice the personal,
moral, and higher psycho-physical disciplines that
are true religion.

The process wherein anyone
may come to the point of this Revelation of the
Living God is generally a rather random and chaotic
affair, until the individual confronts the
influence and Teaching of someone who has not only
experienced this Revelation but also practiced the
life of self-transcending Communion with the Living
Reality to the point of ecstatic transformation.
But, until the reader avails himself or herself of
the opportunity for such a confrontation, there are
two forms of consideration that he or she can
engage at this moment that will provide at least a
modest intuitive and experiential awareness of the
Reality of which I speak.

First, set aside for a
moment all of your knowledge about the universe and
all your religious or scientific presumptions about
how it all developed to this point in time. Simply
consider this: Even if all processes and all beings
evolved or appear to have evolved mechanically and
by accidents of association, rather than
Mysteriously, as an expression of an eternal Divine
Radiation of events, then why does anything or
anyone exist at all! How does the existence of
anything and everything come about as an accident!
Where did that accident occur! Within what is it
all occurring! Where is space!

I cannot consider the very
existence of anything and everything without
developing a thrill in my back and head, so that it
feels as if my hair is about to stand on end. We do
not know what even a single thing is, or why it is,
or where it is, or when it is, or how it came to
be. We are confronted by an irreducible Mystery,
and that Mystery is profound. If you will truly
consider, even for a moment, the matter of the
paradox of the existence of anything whatsoever,
you will feel intuitively in touch with the Mystery
that is Reality Itself. The mind falls away in that
moment, and even though you will not have come up
with any “knowing” explanations for the world, you
will enjoy a tacit sense of Communion with the
Living Reality of the world and of your own mind
and body.

As a second exercise,
examine yourself for a moment and feel any and all
forms of bodily contraction, emotional reactivity,
and mental concern that possess you. If you will do
this deeply and truly, even for a moment, you will
become aware of your chronic state. We are, except
in the attitude of total psycho-physical Communion
with the Living Divine Reality, in a chronic state
of reactive contraction or tension, simultaneously
in mind, emotion, and body. If you can observe and
feel this for a moment, you will sense how it is
all a single gesture – a withdrawal or contraction
from release into the condition of unqualified
relationship. And once this becomes clear, on the
basis of a moment of insight, you will be able to
relax and feel, beyond thought and reactive emotion
and bodily tension, into a sense of self-releasing
intimacy with all the conditions of the world. And
that release will establish you, at least for a
moment, in the wordless experiential sense of
Communion with Life, or the Nameless Radiance that
pervades the world and the body of Man.

These two considerations or
exercises are a moments cure for too much knowledge
about things and too much self-possessed reacting
to things. In the moment in which we stand free of
the self-defining contractions of mere knowledge
and mere reaction to experience, we stand in direct
experiential intuition of the Divine Mystery or
Living Reality that is the Truth of the world, and
that is the very and eternal Urge to religious
consciousness and the higher evolution of


Scientific Proof
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