The Overnight Revelation of Conscious Light – Study by Beezone

A Beezone Study

The following ‘work’ by Beezone is on a discourse entitled ‘How Does Consciousness Become Radiant’, by Adi Da Samraj. The discourse was taken from ‘The Overnight Revelation of Conscious Light’. The descrption of the published work follows. The ‘work’ or better said, ‘study’ by Beezone was to ‘breakdown’ various concepts Adi Da refers to in his original essay. All of Beezone’s ‘work’ are in italics. All other words are from the original essay and are in regular roman type.

The Overnight Revelation of Conscious Light


The Overnight Revelation Of Conscious Light: The My House Discourses On The Indivisible Tantra of Adidam,” was the last of the great Teaching-Consideration-Revelations. It took place at Da Love-Ananda Mahal. The Master said he was coming to Kauai for ten days to two weeks, and stayed for more then a month. During which time he gathered for long hours every day and night with the same 15 or so people. Those gatherings often lasting 10-12 hours at a time. Several occasions that went for 15 plus hours of continuous sitting in various places in the house with the Master. Samadhi and Humor were the “formality” under which those gatherings spontaneously unfolded from hour to hour. The talks were not question and answer discourses, but Dharma-Revelation-Transmissions. It was perhaps the purest form of the “Yoga of Duplication” in the history of his Incarnation.  He rarely left the property during that time. There was a sustained degree of “reception” of his Transmission, and at a depth of reception that kept those days and nights of gathering going.  When he returned to Fiji, a musician friend of mine was invited to play for a dinner occasion on the night the Master returned. He told me that when the Master sat down, he told those around him,  “Those were the happiest days of my life.” – Senior Devotee 


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: It’s not enough to know something about “Samraj Asana”* in Yogic terms as I have Given it to you. You have to do it for real, responsively—and then you have to do it profoundly, consistently. Over time, for real, altogether, such that the cup gets full.

*The task of the “frontal Yoga” and the total Process associated with the fourth stage of life. This is what the transition from the first three stages of life are all about, which are always in the Primary Asana, “Samraj Asana”. Samraj Asana” Is the Primary Asana, the Asana of Divine Communion with Me, the Right Asana of the whole body. Any disturbed or negative or concerned state in ordinary day to day life in the frontal yoga is simply a collapse from that Primal Asana. Once you have Realized this then the Process becomes one of constantly devotionally maintaining It, in the same searchlessly Me-Beholding manner. In that case, instead of merely continuing in the patterns to which you have previously adapted-the ego patterns of reaction, all the various “asanas” of ego-ordinariness – you maintain the Transcendental Spiritual Asana of devotional Communion with Me. Then the apparent power of events to undermine devotional Communion with Me is both intrinsically transcended and more and more effectively diminished and undone. Such is the Purifying Process of the Transcendentally Spiritually Fully Activated (and, Transcendentally Spiritually, fully technically responsible) frontal Yoga of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam.

It’s not enough for it just to be a cup—it must be Filled. Realizing all that’s Realized in the in-Filling and Pervading, including being beyond this cup. Realizing that by demonstration is the real Process. It’s not a technique. It is a relationship. This relationship is the Way of Adidam*.

*Divine Self-Realization is not a relationship to some great Something that loves you. No one is the beloved of God, absolutely no one. The Divine is not the kind of Reality that makes beloveds out of individual beings. All beings owe their love to the Divine. You do not Realize the Divine by finding the Divine Being, Truth, and Reality at the end of a great chain but by being wholly one with the Divine so that you yourself are love. If you come to Me only to get loved, expecting the Blossom of My Spiritual Heart Transmission to be projected at you, there will be no change because you will remain loveless.

Divine Communion begins when you love. Then not only are you connected to love but you, are it. The only way whereby you Commune with the Divine is by being love. Love has great strength. When it is Realized Most Perfectly, Love is Siddhi, the “Bright” Blessing Power of the Divine. It is the fundamental Power, the great Power, when you are It, but not when you dissociate from It in your egoic separation and weakness. No One is the Beloved of God

So what is it—not only in terms of the practice—what is it as a demonstrated Process and Realization?*

*The Way of the Heart requires true Ishta-Guru Bhakti and true self understanding. Both must appear. Both must be demonstratedListen to Me

DEVOTEE: Most fundamentally, it is Samadhi*, the Samadhi of heart-Communion with You, bodily.

*Two traditional samadhis, that of exclusive formless samadhi of the Heart and that of the exclusive trance absorption of the sahasrar, both of these typical and traditional highest yogic states represented by the various traditions, one or the other represented by the various traditions, neither of these is the perfect state, or the permanent state. Both of them are temporary and exclusive in some sense. Because they are exclusive then, one moves out of them at some point.

Only Amrita Nadi, the perfectly intuited form of Reality, the perfectly intuited form of God, only that is perfect, because it is not dependent on the maintenance of any state, either exclusive withdrawal in the Heart, or exclusive absorption in the sahasrar. It is permanently awake, permanently Self-realized, permanently God-realized. So it is free under all conditions

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. By surrendering whole-bodily, psycho-physically. But it’s not a matter of being a cup that’s getting Filled. To be the cup you must be surrendered to begin with. There’s just this Filling. But it is about this Filling, and not merely about being in the cup position. It’s Filling by heart-Communion with Me, ego-forgetting Communion with Me. Live the Yoga, and that’s the proof of it—the capability to become full of this nectar, My Tangible Touching Presence, Love-Bliss.

You must become Filled to the crown. I in-Fill you from Above, but you become full from the bottom, in some sense. When the level of the wine rises, it gets to the top last—and, yet, it has to come in from the top to begin with*. You see how it works.

*If you will become serious in this matter, you will at least gradually become aware that there is a steady Current of felt Happiness or Love-Bliss in the region of the heart, on the right side of the chest. And this Current is a Spire of Radiant Bliss that rises up to the crown of the head (or infinitely above the crown).

Once that Current enters the crown of the head, it moves in the nervous system, animating the psycho-physical functions of the manifest self. The movement or conductivity of that Current in the body-mind is complex, but it may be felt as a simple circuit or Circle, descending along the frontal line of the body to the base, and ascending again along the spinal line to the crown.Bodily Location of Happiness

And when it is full, there’s no more up or down, because it’s full. There’s no position relative to up or down*

*The Circle and Arrow
The total human body – with its dimensions of gross, subtle, and causal – must become round. The total human body does not merely have a circular path within itself. In truth, the total human body is a sphere – and, in its perfect balance, it has no “up” or “down”, no “in” or “out”, no central point and no bounds. Beezone Study of Transmission


—it’s the “Thumbs”, if I am allowed most profoundly, ego-forgettingly, given up in heart-Communion with Me. It is “intoxication” of life. But more and more so—not done occasionally, a little bit, and so forth, but truly, most profoundly done—it is Filled by Me. It is Me, in heart-Communion with Me, you see—all else Melted, such that there is utter transparency to Me.

Only when you accommodate Me, all the way down to the base*, does the cup begin to become full. Not an impediment. It’s this in-Filled Realization of Me beyond egoity that is the Enjoyment of My devotee. All else is preparation.

*The spirit body has a shape within My Force. I am Breathing that to you and Breathing in it. And you can do the same, because you are in that Spirit-filled form. So in a “consideration” such as this, I make use of this possibility. I make use of this possibility by allowing devotees to come for My Darshan or sitting in the Hall with Me, or whatever. They have to be rightly attentive to Me there to Locate Me. So that’s the Yoga of the breath. Every breath is breathing Me, Breathed by Me, breathing in Me – not just air, then, or the gases in the atmosphere, but My “Bright” Force, Which Pervades you and Encloses you. And there is a thickness to It, and It fills the body when you breathe It openly, down to the base.

This process has been described as a kind of bellows. And I indicated this also in The Dawn Horse Testament. In a blacksmiths shop, there is a bellows mechanism where you fan the flame. Hm? This intensity by which you prepare yourself for Me must be manifested and magnified in the Spiritual stages such that you fan the fire of My Descent, you fan it at the bodily base and do not break it or obstruct that Circle. Let this Fire rise up through every breath — Infuse and Fill the entire body-mind.


That Enjoyment is the transcending of that which is, otherwise, Raymond’s “problem”

Leroy Stillwell – Love’s Sacrifice and the Ordeal to Become Human – 30 years with my Spiritual Teacher. Adi Da


—all the change and mortality, all the inevitabilities and this and that. This relationship, this asana, this Way, this Process in heart-Communion with Me, transcends that. Not merely in attitude, but in in-Filling. To demonstrate the Way of Adidam truly, it must become a Spiritual matter of true devotion to Me—fully lived, and Yogically lived, to the point of becoming a Fullness of Me, Tangibly Present. And all the signs that come from that. Until then, the virtue of the Way of Adidam is not yet Full, and your Realization of it likewise. That Fullness must become Most Perfectly Realized, Most Perfectly Demonstrated.

No matter how much you know about the Way of Adidam, until it becomes Full of Me, literally, in this Yogic devotion, it’s only a beginning. The beginning is necessary, because there needs to be a foundation in every aspect of life. There needs to be responsibility for the gross aspects of the character, the egoic presumption, the ego-asana, “Narcissus” looking at himself.

That knot is you. It’s a pattern of point of view. It is bereft of Me. It has nothing to do with Divine Realization, Realization of Reality Itself. It’s the opposite of that asana. It is the ball, not the cup—not the open, Up-turned cup, but the ball. The whole form and feature crunched upon itself, a kind of knot of individuality.

“Samraj Asana” isn’t merely a shaping of the physical body in a certain position, such that everything then follows.

Drawing by Adi Da Samraj (1971)

“Samraj Asana” is a Yogic form. It comes about in response to devotional heart-recognition of Me, which becomes Spiritual Communion with Me. It is not ego-based, it’s not a seeker’s gesture, and so on. It’s not merely to assume a position physically and hold it—that’s not it. It’s a matter of heart-Communion with Me, transcending “self” and the self-knot, therefore. There are certain kinds of Realizations that can come about by holding oneself in place that can relate to any of the stages of life, truly. But it’s all point of view, the pattern that persists.

There must be a full cup, fully Realizing Me now, whatever the nature of the “now” is, whenever, wherever. If the cup isn’t full, you’re still working on your asana.

It must become one immense cup, indeed. All the oceans on earth are piss, compared to the size of that cup. As soon as you can get out of the way, it stops being miniaturized. An ocean is nothing. It klinks when it hits the bottom of that cup. Klinks like a tiny needle falling on a gigantic cast-iron bell bottom. Walls thousands of mile thick. What kind of reverberation are you going to get out of a needle clanking there?

The universe is indifferent to your existence. Only Existence Itself Loves you. Really get to the size of This.

More about ‘The Overnight Revelation of Conscious Light’

Michael Shaw

By Adi Da Samraj

Un-Enlightened human beings are characteristically involved in trying to find out if there is “Something Greater” in life, so that they can “feel better” about conditionally apparent existence. Such people are always looking to the body-mind complex and the physical universe to provide “proof” that there is “Something Greater”. Neither the body-mind-complex nor the entire realm of conditionally manifested appearances will ever provide such “proof”— because neither the body-mind-complex nor the realm of conditionally manifested appearances is the Source-Position in Which you, in Reality, Stand.

You or your mind are not Reality and neither is what appears or can be imagined.

In Reality, you Stand in the Position of Consciousness Itself, not in the position of the body-mind-complex or the position of the conditionally apparent cosmos.

‘You’ are not the body-mind.

If you are established profoundly in the Position of Consciousness Itself, you will Realize Its True Status—and, therefore, the True Status of all conditionally apparent beings, things, and events.

In the Most Perfect Stand of Consciousness Itself, there is no “me”, no “someone” egoically “self”-identified with the body, no “subjective” awareness “somewhere inside” (being confronted by the “outside world” of apparently “objective” conditional manifestation). In the Most Perfect Stand of Consciousness Itself, you Realize (Directly and Intrinsically, by Means of My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Grace) that you Stand in the Indivisible Domain of Infinite Energy—and you Realize that every conditionally apparent being, thing, and event is simply an apparent modification of Infinite Energy. In the Most Perfect Stand of Consciousness
Itself, you do not even encounter the body—except as an apparent modification of Infinite Energy.

In contrast, from the egoic “point of view” of the first three stages of life, the body is encountered as solid “stuff”, solid “me”. From that “point of view”, the body is not encountered as an
apparent modification of Infinite Energy. Rather, in the “disposition” of the first three stages of life, the body is the “point of view” from which even Consciousness Itself is examined. From that “disposition”, all references that are made to Consciousness Itself are made from the “point of view” of egoic “self”-identification with the body. All of that is, itself, an intrinsically false view of conditionally apparent existence.

You must have a right understanding of conditionally apparent existence. In the Position of Self-Existing Consciousness Itself, everything that arises to Consciousness Itself is “Perfectly Known” to be a merely apparent, non-necessary, and intrinsically nonbinding modification of the Self-Radiant Energy of Self-Existing Consciousness (or of the One and Indivisible Conscious Light That Is Reality Itself). Even the most solid forms are only apparent modifications of Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Energy (or Conscious Light). From the Position of Consciousness Itself, This Is Intrinsically Self-Evident.

In contrast, from the “point of view” of the body-mind-complex, it is not at all Self-Evident What the Status of individual conscious awareness Is, or What the Status of any thing, or any conditionally apparent state of being, Is. From the “point of view” of the bodymind-complex, everything is just “stuff”, “thingness”, “separateness”— or all of mere “self” and “not-self”. Apart from Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization, the Divine Status of conditionally apparent existence is not intuited or presumed.

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