Paradox of Instruction – Da Free John

Paradox of Instruction – Contents

The Western Face of God


1. The Paradox of Instruction
2. The Ground and Root of This Instruction
3. What is Truth

Chapter 1

Awakening from the Dream of Subjectivity

Chapter 2

1. Principles of the Teaching: The Paradox of Contradiction
2. The World Is Not Material, But Psycho-Physical
3. Ego Is Not an Entity, But an Activity
4. Radical Ignorance Is Truth
5. Realization of Truth Is Free of All Subjectivity, All Knowledge, and All Experience
6. A Further Summation of the Teaching
7. The Sacrifice of the Heart

Chapter 3

1. Introduction
2. The Great Path of Return vs the Radical Path of Understanding

Chapter 4

1. The Principles of the Practice
2. The Paradox of Infinite Expansion
3. The Four Stages of the Translation of Man into God
4. The Essential and Progressive Practices, to be lived as sacrifice to the Spiritual
Master, of the states in The Way of Ignorance
5. The Way of Re-Cognition
6. The Seahorse: the Hidden Structure of All Experience

Chapter 5

Identification of the Beloved Is the Principle of Spiritual Life


The Way of the Heart