Prison of Fascination and Doubt

Prison of Fascination and Doubt

Attention and Mind

She Is Mind: The Iconography of Eve


The act of attention is the conditional Essence of mind. The act of attention arises Spontaneously, like the total body-mind and the total world, in every moment of conditional Awareness. The act of attention arises toward others, objects, and conditions of every kind, whether subtle or gross.
Chapter 45 – The Dawn Horse Testament


The search for release (or the act of attention) is a ritual automaticity in the Radiant Transcendental Being. The self contraction actually seek srelease from itself as a means or method of re-attaining the Happiness that its own existence has caused it to Forget. Such Is the paradoxical futility of attention, desire, seeking, and all conditional knowledge or experience. No independent act of attention arises to associate with phenomena or to cause experience in the unnecessary and changing Realm of Nature.

Mind and attention are the subtle or inner subjective personality, made of all of the acquired tendencies of attention, or urges toward experiences of all kinds. These tendencies and urges are the results of the proximity of the soul, or the Eternal Core of the body-mind, and the Realm of Nature, or Change. Through casual association with subtle states, the soul becomes distracted, and differentiates itself from its Eternal Condition. Such differentiation is the act of attention itself. Differentiated and differentiating attention is the fundamental structure of mind. Once it arises, the soul is projected into an Infinite Spiral of causes and effects, leading high and low within the structures of possibility. Therefore, the subjective being acquires tendencies of attention through irresponsible experience. And that processis without beginning or end. It is an Eternal Bewilderment, a Prison of Fascination and Doubt.

Unless the act of attention is inspected, controlled, and ultimately transcended, our existence cannot be anything but a sequence of experientialand conceptual events. Adherence to this principle of transcendence is the firm conclusion of my life. My work over these years has been to argue that Principle to people and to offer them forms of instruction, forms of practice, forms of association with me that would help them to realize the certainty of this same Principle in their own lives.

Our Way is the transcendental Way of ultimate Realization, of Divine Ignorance or the Eternal Self, prior to all contraction, and Radiant Love-Bliss prior to all phenomenal conditioning, limitation, and egoity. It is as clear to me now as it was at the beginning, that the Way is to transcend phenomenal existence, to understand the mechanism of attention, the process of contraction, and the nature of knowledge and experience.