Qualification for First Congregation

“Qualifications for the First Congregation”

Adi Da Samraj

Saturday, March 8, 2008


ADI DA SAMRAJ: This matter of people practicing in the First Congregation is not something that can be done by mere intention. You must have the qualifications. The qualifications are not rote, where there is a checklist of things you are supposed to do and you are doing them. Obviously, there are disciplines you should be obliged to do, including many details personal to the individual. But the preparedness is about the turning to Me, and what that demonstrates when it is truly and rightly done for a sufficient period of time to move a person into the First Congregation.

The disposition of searchlessly Beholding Me without going back into “self”-contraction and wanderings in the body-mind is the fundamental qualification for Transcendental Spiritual life in My Company. Nobody can do that by simply following the checklist of obligations, serving, and expressing the desire to Realize Me. That intention is good, but then you must actually do what that takes.

To be acceptable to Me in the First Congregation, the preparedness must be evident in the signs I observe in people. There have been various groups sitting with Me in the Silver Hall over the last year, and there were virtually no qualifications. And there was no lawfulness with Me here in My Hermitage and in the worldwide gathering, just giftlessness and all the rest.

Preparedness means you have the demonstrated capability to participate in My Transcendental Spiritual State and Self-Radiance. If you do not have that demonstration, you are not prepared. When someone is truly prepared when coming into My physical Company, tangible Spiritual signs appear spontaneously. It is clear to the person that it is not something the devotee is doing independently. They can clearly recognize Me in their Spiritual sensitivity to Me.

If there are no such signs, then a person is “self”-conscious, with an illusory focus on a separate-“self”-pattern, and such a one “experiences” all kinds of patterns of body, emotion, mind, and breath that are obstructions to participating in My Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission.

Those who are not prepared constantly show these obstructions—even as dramatizations in their lives—the moment to moment obstructiveness of physical, emotional, and mental patterns that become diversions of attention.

That is what the foundation practice undermines. That is what the turning to Me, and the right-life obedience to Me, and the “Perfect Knowledge” process is all about.

Searchless Beholding is My description of what that preparedness demonstrates. It must really be so, and not just enthusiasts saying they want to be here and practice this. That is not enough. That is not the evidence. It is good that people want to do it, but then they must actually do it and demonstrate the results. Doing it is what is required.


“We haven’t even got a first congregation yet. It is always Me having to re-explain every morning.”


Adi Da talking to a group of devotees at Samrajashram, Fiji on June 30, 2008


ADI DA SAMRAJ: People bring illusions into the Silver Hall. So there are all kinds of illusions people bring. Why are people still dramatizing their illusions in My Company? This isn’t some amateur game. It is just people not taking it seriously or not taking anything about this seriously. It’s basically just about putting on your status here.

People came to Me for Realization, and I have real requirements. Renunciate life is an intensive life of practice. It’s not a game. And you have to be accountable to Me about it because you came to Me for Realization. So I have requirements of you. So people have to stop gaming with Me here.
[inaudible] “Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga”. It was already present in The Dawn Horse Testament, but I
was just working on it.

It’s not about loss of body consciousness. [inaudible] tangible signs of invasion, and then what is the
process? It’s just that, very straightforward.

My invasion works in a particular manner And My invasion works in a particular manner. So when I hear a person describing it in terms of the [inaudible] of it, then it clearly indicates to Me whether they are reflecting experience of Me tangibly or not, because it is not like various other kinds of things that people might say about inward whatever.

So you are still not covering it. Whatever the evidence of it is in other people, know what to look
for, and know if what there is to look for is actually there or not.

You are not a psycho-physical identity that approaches Me [inaudible] is not that of the body. It is not merely kundalini. It is not a body-based process because it is not ego-based. And that is fundamental, the fact that it is intrinsically ego-transcending. The asana, the approach to Me, is intrinsically egoless. It is priorly egoless. It is egoless. And so it is not a psycho-physical identity that approaches Me. The body is given over to Me egolessly.

My State is transferred into the devotee’s vehicle.

How I Work is not merely in the cause and effect manner but by invading the body, meditating the
bodily entity–in other words, being it so that My State is transferred into the vehicle of the devotee.
Must be preliminary “Perfect Knowledge” practice foundation.

This is a process, so there are more and more signs and evidence that this is actually happening. But
it is about egoless identification with Me without difference. So there must be this foundation of the
preliminary “Perfect Knowledge” practice. It is not sitting there as the body; it is giving the body
over egolessly.

So the context of the practice is not the body, but Atma Nadi. And that is the point of the essay, of
Instruction in “Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga”. This is a different kind of process.
So this is the difference that must be understood relative to what am I talking about in Four Thorns
of Heart Instruction. The secret of it is the preliminary “Perfect Knowledge” practice and radical
devotion to Me and, of course, right life foundation. So without that, it can sound like an ego
receiving Me bodily.

[inaudible] the process and into My Company. Then I look for the signs. If they are just reading My
texts and trying to figure out what to say, they are not going to get it right, and it’s going to be
immediately evident that they are just reflecting words back to Me.
Where is evidence of the egoless asana?

Where is the evidence of the egoless asana? This is the answer to the “what do you do” question. If
the evidence is not there that the person is approaching on the basis of the foundation of the
preliminary “Perfect Knowledge” process, then the preparation is not sufficient.

If any characteristics of the life are not right, then there is evidence of bondage–physical, mental,
emotional toxicity or reflections of patterning, worldliness and so forth.

If it is not devotion, there is no searchless Beholding. There is just looking at Me or attentiveness.
So the foundation of recognition-responsive, whole-bodily turning to Me moment to moment, of
full right life practice in which the body-mind has been relieved of its patterning through the
discipline of right life, and all that established on this asana or base of transcendental root standing–
this is what becomes searchless Beholding. So searchless Beholding is what is to be done. It is the
stand of Atma Nadi, tacitly, not the stand of the body. [inaudible] evidence of searchless Beholding
based on transcendental root standing.

The right life signs of purification and balancing process must have its evidence there. The person is
not just bound up in patterns, worldliness, and toxicity, but serving and rightly disposed altogether.
Well, that is found out in advance.

Searchless Beholding based on Transcendental root standing.

So it is searchless Beholding based on Transcendental root standing. And it is tangible evidence of
invasion, not trying to summarize the whole everything before the Perfect Practice.

It is not self-description; there is nobody there describing self. It is just given over and what
happens? What just actually happens? Does anything happen, or are you just talking about yourself?
Are you just reflecting yourself, just meditating on yourself, characterizing yourself to Me?

Because there is nothing happening but a very simple thing. Its implications are great, but it is a
simple thing because there is no complex self there registering it. There is just the egoless body
present in My Company, and I, through a Transcendental Expansiveness, acquire the body. I Am the
body. And so there is more and more evidence of My State, but it is simply felt as a Spiritual
acquisition of the body. There are various signs that would be indicated. [inaudible] a pattern in the
body and so forth.

My State acquires the body.

[inaudible] what happens, the tangible invasion, and the event, the process, because it is a
Revelation process. My State acquires the body. So it is shown in Revelation modes, and then that
becomes the Perfect Practice.

One event which takes place over time. Then the Perfect Practice has its revelation modes, becoming the seventh stage awakening. And then the Revelation continues to Divine Translation through the modes of the seventh stage process. So all of it is one event which takes place over time.

There must be that tangibility to begin with, based on a right asana. The asana is Atma Nadi. The
bodily design is what it is, but it is a kind of sphere [inaudible] Atma Nadi, the context of Atma

So if the egoless asana is not there, the Samraj Asana cannot be there. If you are being the body
being invaded, you are not in the right place. There are bodily signs, but they are identified
egolessly. The orientation there is that of Atma Nadi, not a physical posture or a physical design.
So what is prior registers what is there by extension. Atma Nadi knows what is happening in the
body. So where is the heart reference?

All of this, the design of the total structure–gross, subtle and causal, the three stations of the heart–
all this is shown by Revelation. It is not something which you simply learn in the mind, and then
say things about, as a person might who is communicating their self-image.

It is a Transcendental Spiritual Revelation. All aspects of this form are shown, but the fundamental
position is prior to the right side of the bodily apparent heart. That is the fundamental position.

Any identification with the circle is already outside the root position.

To be established as that is to be established in the root position. That’s it. Any movement into the
context of the circle of the body–and that circle includes not only the physical, the emotional, the
mental–Any identification with any of that is already outside the root position. It is already
extended into the middle and the left. It is already a psycho-physical or conditional identity.
So the revelation process is always this invasion which establishes the profundity of the root
position. That is the context of Samraj Asana.

If you get wordy, you have taken the position of the mind. As soon as you start getting wordy about it, you have taken the position of the mind. As soon as you have taken the position of the mind, the emotion, or are the position of the body, you are identified with a pattern.

The Transcendental Spiritual practice is not about being identified with the body. It is about being at
the root of Atma Nadi. That is transcendental root standing. It is not about an identity, physical,
emotional, or mental.

If you are communicating an identity, you are not in the position. In fact, you are in trouble. You are
in the bondage position. To be the body, to be in the emotional states, to be states of mind or desire
and so forth, that’s bondage. That is the ego. The ego is self-contraction bodily, emotionally, and
mentally. So if you are reflecting through descriptive language being in the body position or being
the body, being the emotions, being the mind, then you are describing the ego.

The Transcendental Spiritual process is egoless. It is established priorly at the root of Atma Nadi.
The preparation stage then that leads to the first congregation must involve that totality of radical
devotion, right life obedience, and transcendental root standing, or the preliminary “Perfect
Knowledge” process. All that together becomes searchless Beholding, which is intrinsically egoless.
That being the case, what happens? There is this invasion in which My State is showing itself in the
context of the bodily devotee present in My Company, given over to Me. So given over to Me
means My State is reflected in what happens, which is tangibly indicated in the body and tangibly
indicated in the structure that is the context of My Revelation in this entire process.

So that structure is shown. The Thumbs is part of the showing. The invasion, which is
fundamentally the same all the time, every time, in every moment of turning to Me, is basically the
same. As you are given over to My State in this Transcendental Spiritual process, you are shown, or
it becomes self-evident, that there are this and that kinds of evidence in this structure that is being
infilled and outshined. It is becoming Radiant. So there are things noticed.

The Revelation of the heart on the right is a Transcendental Spiritual Revelation. It is not like
learning a Yogic pose bodily–it is not something like that. It has to be revealed. You can be
prepared for it through this listening to My fundamental reality Teachings, My Instructions relative
to Transcendental root standing, but it is shown by Transcendental Spiritual Revelation.

Its fullest showing is in the Thumbs. The Thumbs is not merely the body becoming this sphere; it is
about transcendental root standing. It is the Witness position shown, proven by Transcendental
Spiritual Revelation. It is simply self-evident.

No descriptions from the point of view of the body are it
But all descriptions that are from the point of view of the body are not it. The point of view, so to
speak, is vanished.

But the condition or the state that is reflecting what is going on in the body with these tangible signs
and forth is at the root of Atma Nadi. It is egolessness, prior to the right side of the bodily apparent
heart, noting this invasion in the context of the body, which is the extension, this sphere that
surrounds Atma Nadi–or apparently surrounds it. In other words, it extends from above the head.
There is a circle, and its root is That which is prior, the egoless priority, prior to the right side of the
bodily apparent heart.

So this whole structure is shown by Transcendental Spiritual Revelation. But it is not something
you merely read about and talk about and then say it is so, because all that language is from the
point of view of the body.

How does it become evident when there is no bodily point of view, no emotional-mental point of
view? It is shown through Transcendental Spiritual Revelation to simply be the case. And you must
be given over to My Transcendental Spiritual Revelation in order for it to be given as a Gift, to be
shown absolutely without strategy, without seeking.

Being given over to Me is fundamental. This being given over matter is fundamental. People who cannot give themselves up are full of selfdescription, self-imagery, but they are not released. They are bound.

Egolessness is the only seat of right practice–literally–literal egolessness. So you cannot be the
body and be egoless. But you cannot dissociate from the body and be egoless either. There are no
gestures. There is simply egolessness. And that is confirmed in Transcendental Spiritual terms as
fullness in Communion with Me.

So this being given over, this being carried, this being intruded upon, filled and carried, that is what
has to be evident or not. It either is or it is not, but that is what it is about. It is a very simple,
straightforward matter. It happens, and therefore the reflection of it must be straightforward.
A lot of calculated language reflecting an elaborate, systematic understanding is something gotten
from reading. It is not direct.

Evaluate people based on their language being direct. Examining people relative to the process, you have to stick to the language that is direct. They either have that direct language or they do not. When you are examining My Teaching and discussing it, you can get into all the elaborations of language, but this examination is not about that. It is about the straightforward simplicity. A person has to be able to be communicative in those terms and rather briefly, generally speaking. But it is either authentic or not, and there are ways to tell.

You have to have gotten the goods on yourself first before you can examine somebody else, because
ego is constantly fooling itself and always strategizing, full of strategy, always seeking, always
defending itself until the Revelation comes. Then you realize you have been a complete asshole
your entire life. [chuckles]

So those who have to guide people who are growing in this have to know the difference between
shit and shinola. See what is happening, and when there is a clear evidence. You have to be no
nonsense about it, that’s all.

Everybody here now, everybody who has been here now, where is everybody at? There is no
accountability for anybody yet. We haven’t even got a first congregation yet. It is always Me having
to re-explain every morning.