Raw Gorilla

Raw Gorilla

The Principles of Regenerative Raw Diet Applied in True Spiritual Practice
as lived by members of The Johannine Daist Communion under the guidance
of the Divine Adept Da Free John.

Prepared by The Radiant Life Clinic and Research Center based on the
Wisdom Teaching of Da Free John.

Only edition: 1/82.
©1982 The Johannine Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-62-5.

Introduction: Conserve the Spirit-Current.

Prologue. “Diet Is Not the Key to Anything”.

I Bodily Surrender to the Life-Principle:
Radical Healing Is the Unique Approach.
Make No Mistake.
Conductivity and the Sattvic Art of Living.
Transcending the Perfect Vegetarian by Jerry Sheinfeld.

II. Conscious Adaptation to Dietary Practice:
Contact with the Life-Force.
“The Three Phases of the Health Process” (10/19/80).
Table I: The Three Phases of Healing.
Intelligent Transitions.
Managing the Symptoms of Purification.
Table II: The Stages of Dietary Transition and Refinement.

III. The Principle of Living Foods:
Foods to Eat Liberally.
Foods to Eat Sparingly.
Foods to Avoid.
Practical Issues:
1. Calorie Counting and Systematic Undereating.
Table III: Ideal Weights for Men and Women.
Table IV: Recommended Calorie Range for Weight.
Table V: Children’s Calorie Table.
Table VI: Activity Level Categories.
2. Protein:
Transcending the Peculiar’s Plight by Dama Ann Rogers.
Transcending the Digestive Error by Ellen Cutler, D.C.
3. Vitamins, Minerals, and Food Supplements.
4. Counteracting Enervation.
Table VII: Vitamin and Mineral Sources.
5. Infants and Children
6. Pregnancy and Lactation.
7. Be Intelligent, Not a Robot.
Free Energy by Antonia Whitnah.
Refinements of the Raw Diet.
Epilogue: “A Man’s Perfect Food Is Truth”.
A. Fruits for the Raw Fruitarian Diet.
B. Sample Fruitarian Diet.
C. Calorie Tables.
About The Radiant Life Clinic and Research Center.
(63 pp.)


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