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Adi Da Samraj – May 25,


Realization is not about someone
realizing union with someone, or with anything. If there is
any effort along those lines, it has nothing to do with
Realization. It is precisely this effort that must be
understood and transcended. When there is no such effort, no
pursuit of union, then there is Realization.

This does not mean that you can
instantaneously argue yourself out of this motive. I am
telling you that any process of such “consideration” must be
a process of self-observation and self-understanding. You
must come to the point where the motive to union itself is
thoroughly understood and ceases to control your existence
which requires the process of sadhana.

You would like to by-pass this
understanding. You tend to superimpose the model of seeking,
or non-seeking on your sadhana and then superimpose it on
all relations and all functions, all aspects of life and
think you’re already enlightened.

I said many times before you must
observe and understand this effort in the context of each
stage of life. There are many varieties of this, some gross
and some more subtle, depending on your stage of life. You
cannot merely choose to bypass any stage. You must adapted
to each stage and see what you’re up to and understand it.
The ego is very slippery.

You must understand this process
very directly in a participatory manner. You cannot merely
by “considering” my instruction assume the asana of the
Realization of the seventh stage of life. You must do the

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