Religious Stupidity and Scientifc Genius – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House! – Da Free John – Adi Da Samraj

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 3: Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Not Be Announced by the White House

Religious Stupidity and Scientific


The Age in which we live is culturally distinct from
times past, in which tribal and nationalistic movements,
founded in ancient popular ideas and ideals, produced
society, and politics, and religion. The Age in which we
live was brought into being with the worldwide emergence of
the industrial technologies of scientific materialism.
Therefore, mankind has lately been obliged to root itself in
the disposition of larger purposes, and our concept of the
future must be projected against the infinite scale of the
total universe, rather than the provincial scale represented
by gross self-interest, ancient tribal and national
divisions, or even the scale represented by the Earth or by
Man himself.

The broad political, social, and technological movements
associated with our Age would inevitably draw mankind as a
whole into the most sophisticated universal order, founded
upon the more or less exclusive and even esoteric influence
of the sciences. I say “esoteric” influence because the
knowledge represented by scientific disciplines is not truly
popular knowledge. It is the kind of knowledge that, because
of its special intellectual, educational, and industrial
requirements, may be fully acquired and possessed and used
only by the very few. And, therefore, since knowledge is the
measure of power in any Age, scientists, along with their
academic, technological, and political extensions in the
common domain, are tending to acquire the positions of power
in this new Age.

In contrast to such men of power, I speak for the primary
element inherent in all human experience, knowing, and
culture. That element was allowed a level of acknowledgment
and even primacy in Ages past, but in this new Age of
scientism it has been propagandized out of the mainstream of
human understanding and acculturation. I speak for the truly
religious or spiritual dimension of our conscious existence.
What is commonly recognized and sometimes defended as
religion in our Age is only the most superficial and
factional and often dim-minded and perverse expression of
ancient national and tribal cultism. Therefore, I speak for
the Truth of religion and spirituality in the highest, most
universal, discriminative, benign, and rightly esoteric (or
profound) sense. And, like Teachers in Ages past, I am not
merely a scholar or a worldly revolutionary, but I come full
of spiritual experience and hard-won understanding and the
powers of blessing that Radiate through Man in the Presence
of the Living God.

The popular apologists of our academic and scientific
culture argue for a human future that is founded entirely
upon the rule of scientific materialism. If they consider or
honor religion at all, it is almost invariably the
superficial and factional exotericism of the “great
religions” (which are nothing more than the historically
dominant cults). Therefore, true or ultimate religion, or
the universal spirituality of the Adepts (which was the
foundation of all great religious movements of the past),
has not yet emerged in our Age as a dominant cultural
influence, and the prospect of a future human culture
founded upon a new religious and spiritual understanding of
Man in the universe is not yet seriously contemplated in the
popular realm. Indeed, the Adept, or spiritual genius, is,
in our Age, as subject to abuse by the dominant worldly and
cultic powers as in any previous Age.

Consider this. In the Age of worldwide political and
social interdependence, of super-technology space migration,
and the atomic bomb, and of esoteric sciences of the kind
initiated by intellectual geniuses such as Einstein, the
people must not fail to be equipped with a true, practical,
supremely intelligent, universal, and full esoteric
understanding and practice of spiritual religion. If they
remain in the embrace of the archaic, myth-laden, exoteric,
divisive religions of the past, they will only be subject to
exploitation and negative dominance by the superior
esotericism and popular persuasiveness of scientific
materialism. To persist in the old cults is, in effect, to
be bereft of religion in the Age that is upon us.


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