Right Action


The relinquishment of the investment in conditions, in egoity, in causes and effects

January 1, 2005

Adi Da Samraj:  Every point of view is a fixed location. The room doesn’t exist as it is with reference to any fixed location. It is as it is only in the context of all possible locations. That’s not something to be achieved. That’s actually how it is. Likewise, there is no you that is that point of view that you presume, that’s pursuing this and that satisfaction. That’s ordinary life process may or may not work out in any sense at all, you may or may not derive even any pleasure from it at all, or it could be just a batty repetition of failures and on and on and on or it might be pretty good and you might have a relationship you like for a lot of years or whatever, you see?

But nonetheless, whatever it is, it’s still just a conditional possibility and it does come to an end. In fact there are lots of endings and difficulties potential in it. Everything about it, then, is sorrowful. EVERYTHING about it. Everything about it implies ending, EVERYTHING.

Now if you can be entered into the sphere of relations, not just intimate ones, but altogether, knowing that it is not satisfactory and inherently sorrowful, and yet there still is action, that is renunciate action, compassionate action, and so on, but it’s not the pursuit of self-fulfillment. It’s the kind of apparent action that takes place because action itself is inevitable in the perceived domain of natural experience, but it’s not the truth. It’s not the real context of existence.

Realization is realization of Reality or the real context of existence. It is free of bondage, free of cause effect pursuit, free of limitation, free of sorrow, free of fear, free of all seeking. It IS the Self-Condition, the Divine Self-Condition, the condition-less condition of even all conditions. It is the condition on which every other condition or every apparent condition depends and yet it creates nothing, it causes nothing at all. 

That Self-Condition is always already the case, NOT the body-mind, not the ego, not the self-contraction, not the seeking, not the causes, effects, not the patterns patterning. The Very Self Condition is always already the case. If that Very Condition that is always already the case is by means of self-contraction invested in conditional existence, conditional existence – the patternings of conditional existence – are reinforced. They SEEM to be the case rather than the Divine Self-Condition being the case and so the pattern of bondage goes on until there is the awakening to the Divine Self-Condition and that awakening is demonstrated by the inevitable diffusion and the purification, the relinquishment of the investment in conditions, in egoity, in causes and effects.