The Ritual of Incarnation – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!


Chapter 9: The Western Way

The Ritual of Incarnation


The meaning or purpose of individual human existence is not evident in the bare fact of birth and experience. Rather, the meaning and purpose of individual human existence is Man, or the ultimate ritual of Incarnation.

The test of human existence is in our confrontation with frustration and fear. We are not born merely to exist and to experience. We are not born for our own sake. We are born in God and for the purposes of God, Who is the Living One, the Radiant Being in Whom all beings and things are arising and changing. We are born to transcend ourselves in ecstatic Love-Communion with the Present Divine.

Those who are overcome by frustration and fear recoil or turn back upon themselves, and they are moved to exploit existence for their own sake and to experience for its own sake. Such individuals embrace the usual paths-oriental and occidental. They either become inverted upon their own subjective selves, and thus struggle to escape the body, this world, and the Present Divine in the search for higher or less threatening planes of experience-or else they become extroverted through all the patterns of self-indulgence in the evident scheme of mechanical or “material” Nature. But neither of those paths is true to Man, since both are done in reaction to the Present Play of God, and each is done for the sake of self rather than for the sake of God.

The Way of Life is demonstrated only in the truly human “ritual” of Incarnation, or total psycho-physical surrender to the Present God. The Way of Life is a matter of Ecstasy, or self-transcendence in Love-Communion with the Living Being, the Universal Identity. The Way of Life is demonstrated in the transcendence of frustration, fear, self-possession, and the self-defining or separative power of experience. The Way of Life is demonstrated in freedom from the motive to avoid the relational conditions into which we are born, and in freedom from the tendency to recoil from the mood of ecstatic inherence in the Living Divine. The Way of Life is demonstrated in freedom from all the conditions of attention. The Paradox of the Way of Life is that it depends upon the transcendence of mere experiential attention, whereas it is demonstrated as the Transfigured Incarnation of the Radiant Being, or of Love.

We must surrender to and into the Present God. God is not elsewhere in relation to us now. God is always Present, Alive as all beings, Manifest as the total world. Our obligation is not to invert and go elsewhere to God, nor to extrovert and exploit ourselves in the self-possessed or anti-ecstatic mood that presumes God to be absent or non-existent. Our obligation is to Awaken beyond our selves, beyond the phenomena of body and mind, into That in which body and mind inhere. When we are thus Awakened, our lives become the Incarnation Ritual of Man, whereby only God is evident and only God is the Process of the present and the future. That Way of Life is not bound to this world or any other world, nor to any form of attention in body or mind. Rather, the Way of Life is Ecstatic, God-Made, Free, Radiant, and always already Happy.


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