The Sacred Community and the Secular State

The Sacred Community and the Secular State  

An Essay by

The Divine World-Teacher, Avatar Adi Da Samraj


The great social problem of the present “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) is not the fragmentation of the intimate family although this too is symptomatic but the great social problem is the fragmentation of the inherent unity of the larger (and total) human community and the destruction of the intimate social and Spiritual culture of cooperative human community, in favor of the domination of humanity by the abstracted and atomizing (and ego-glorifying) and dehumanizing power of the secular State and all the gross-minded media of secularized popular indoctrination.

Freedom from the parentlike powers of the materialistic politics of State is possible only if people enter into responsible cooperation with one another in free communities. In that case, the State can do no more than represent the will and the strength of an autonomous, free, and responsible populace.

Freedom from the parentlike powers of the “cult” of scientific and political materialism is possible only if people respond to the human, Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine Teaching of Wisdom, such that they choose to live together in a true religious (or sacredly unified) culture of Man, in devotional Communion with Truth (or Reality Itself Which Is the only Real God). Then the adolescent and technologically manipulative “cults” of “official” knowledge that tend to thrive on the exploitation of an ignorant, or childish, populace can do no more than submit to a subordinate role that (in practical terms) informs and (in practical terms) increases the capability of humanity to survive and to fulfill (in practical terms) its functional and developmental role in the universe.