The Secret of Spiritual Liberation – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Chapter 5: The Seamless Garment of Love

The Secret of Spiritual Liberation


All experience is conditional (or dependent on temporary relations), psycho-physical (or subjective and “internal” as well as formal or functional and “external”), and self-defining (or tending to define and limit an “experiencer”). There is no form of experience that does not demonstrate these three qualities. And there is no entity or being (whether a god, or a human being, or a lower vital entity) that is not entirely a specimen of the conditional, psycho-physical, and self-defining process of experience.

All experience (whether high or low, subtle or gross) creates and reinforces the illusory, independent, separative, self-defending, and fearful “I” conception-unless the entire affair of experience is transcended. And experience, or “I,” is transcended only in the instant of ecstatic intuition of the Transcendental Reality, the Matrix within which all phenomena, all beings, and all experiences are arising. When there is simple or native abiding in undifferentiated unity with the Radiant Transcendental Being (of which all conditions, beings, and experiences are only superficial, spontaneous or uncaused, and unnecessary or nonbinding modifications) then the “I” of experience, the limited psycho-physical self, and the entire phenomenal and experiential “Realm of Nature” are Transfigured and Outshined by the Radiant Love-Bliss of the Eternal Divine.

Man is a composite of three primary dimensions of functional experience. In the lower functional range of the body-mind, the human individual is an expression of elemental forces. He is, in the hierarchical strata of his lower body-mind, a process involving the various states of “matter” (expressed as earthy mass, or solid elements, water or liquid elements, fiery or heat-producing chemical elements, and airy or gaseous elements) in playful combination with an etheric or pervasive energy field. The “lower coil” of the human body-mind is, therefore, a composite elemental or vital entity, and his “mind” or “psyche” is of an unconscious or subconscious nature.

In the higher functional range of the body-mind, the human individual is an expression of superterrestrial (or higher psychic), cosmic (or mental-conceptual), and supercosmic (or superconscious) forces. He is, in his higher body-mind, a process of perception, conception, creative intention (or will), and subtle illumination (or sublime awareness of the ultimate unity of “mind” and “matter”). The “upper coil” of the human body-mind is functionally senior to the “lower coil.” The “upper coil” (associated with the higher brain functions and the central nervous system in general) commonly acts via the processes of the conscious mind (in the form of lower or elemental and etheric perception, conception, and intention) to control or participate in the common or objective experiences of ordinary living. And it is this “waking experience” (or the “lower coil” phenomena, associated with the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system) that provides the conventional model for the popular understanding of human existence. However, the “upper coil” of the human body-mind may, when its higher evolutionary mechanisms are stimulated (usually by esoteric mystical disciplines, which involve conscious surrender to higher or subtle energy influences), enter into planes of phenomenal experience that are superconscious, or apparently independent of functional relations with the waking self (the “lower coil,” or the gross physical being, coupled with the lower or Earth-bound psychic and mental aspects of the “upper coil,” or the ordinary conscious being).

Because of the capacity of the higher or superconscious aspect of the human individual to function independent of apparent association with the lower mental, vital, and elemental aspects of the body-mind, efforts have been made since ancient times to exploit this capacity as a means of escaping from the mortal limitations of lower psycho-physical experience. (There is even a capacity for the psychic and etheric aspects of the lower functional being of Man to separate from apparent or fixed association with the purely physical or elemental body, and this capacity has also been exploited by various societies and individuals since ancient times.) Whenever the effort is made to dissociate the higher or superconscious aspect of Man from lower mental and gross psychic, vital, and elemental associations, the process is traditionally called religion or spirituality, and any direct influence over the lower mental and gross psychic, vital, and elemental being by the superconscious being is traditionally called a religious, spiritual, or even Divine influence. And whenever the effort is made to dissociate the lower mental, gross psychic, and vital (or etheric) aspect of Man from the elemental-physical body (or to control the elemental-physical body by releasing it to the influence of the subconscious and unconscious levels of mind) the process is traditionally called psychism, spiritualism, or magic.

Even so, all experience, whether of a superconscious, conscious, subconscious, or unconscious variety, is conditional, psycho-physical (or functionally organized in both internal, or subjective, and formal, or bodily, terms, whether the “body” is subtle or gross in nature), and, therefore, also self-defining. It is only in the third primary functional dimension of Man that there is the possibility for Realizing the Transcendental Ecstasy of unqualified unity with the Divine Reality or Real Condition of the limited psycho-physical self. That third primary functional dimension of Man is the root of self-consciousness, at the origin of attention and conventional association with the various states of mind and body (or “matter,” whether in subtle or gross form).

The root of self-consciousness, of attention, and of the “I” conception is not within the realm of the “upper coil” (or central nervous system) of the body-mind, nor is it within the realm of the “lower coil” (or autonomic nervous system). It is in the region of the heart (not the brain or the solar plexus), on the right side, associated with the “pacemaker” (or sinoatrial node). The root of attention and of the psycho-physically defined personality or “I” may, in the profoundly intuitive depth of true and most radical spiritual practice, be discovered to be associated with the region of the right side of the heart. And when the process of experience, or “I” conception, is thoroughly understood, the root of attention in the heart is penetrated. Once this intuitive penetration occurs, there is tacit or native Liberation from the conditional, psycho-physical, and self-defining power of all experience.

The ultimate Destiny of Man is self-transcendence, or the ecstatic transcendence of experience. Man, or the human body-mind (high and low), is a limit . He is arising mysteriously within the Infinite Radiance that is God. Man, or a human lifetime, is to be experienced, understood, and ultimately transcended. Any exploitation of the experiential capacity of Man in himself is necessarily deluding, self-binding, and productive of fear, sorrow, anger, and bewilderment.

Therefore, we are obliged to self-mastery and self-transcendence, and even the higher evolutionary (or traditionally “magical,” “intellectual,” “religious,” and “spiritual”) mechanisms of our human experience must be transcended at last. The entire nervous system and the total body-mind of Man must be transcended. All the states of psyche and of “matter” are nothing more than signals of self-arising and the futile struggle toward everlastingly unchanging self-survival and perfect self-fulfillment. But if we transcend our own psycho-physical self-limit and thereby enjoy tacit unity with the Radiant Transcendental Being, then we will also Realize that even the planes of experiential phenomena and apparently limited beings are always floating in the All-Pervading Love-Radiance or Transcendental Bliss of the Eternal Divine Being. Such is the final stage of our human drama. In that Event, the world and the total body-mind become Radiant with the Fullness of Love-Bliss, and soon even the physical body and the material world are Transfigured and Outshined by the Radiance that was first intuited at the heart.

Each functional level of Man belongs to a particular level or stratum in the hierarchical structure of the phenomenal Realm of Nature. Each of the structural levels or dimensions of human functioning and human consciousness is dependently related to the universal scheme of conditions within the structural level of Nature to which it bears a likeness. And each such functional element of human structure and consciousness is destined, within its own framework of time, to lose its separated identity through eventual dissolution into its own particular level in the scheme of Nature. (Thus, for example, the gross physical or solid elemental body arises as a dependent and temporary condition within the gross elemental dimension or level of the Realm of Nature. The continued existence of the gross physical body is utterly dependent upon the state of conditions within the elemental dimension, and, in any case, the gross physical body will eventually dissolve within its own plane of time and space, thus losing its individual identity through disintegration and transformation in the universal scheme of elements.)

Even so, each and every part of Man and of the total Realm of Nature is always arising as a spontaneous and nonbinding or free modification of the Radiant Transcendental Being. Each and every part of Man is always already pervaded by the ultimate Reality, Life, Light, Truth, Condition, and Identity that may be Realized at the heart and via the hearts Ecstasy, which is self-transcending love-surrender, or radical intuition of the Identity or Real Condition of the body-mind, the world, and all experience.

The point of this analysis is not that we are born into a fixed dilemma or an inherently evil domain. The motive that is native to Man is not escape but surrender, love, intuitive union, or radical unity with the Transcendental or Native Condition that is at the Root-and which is the Source, Sustainer, Help, and Perfect Destiny of all worlds and beings. We are obliged to Loves Wisdom, not the egos stealth. We need not pursue the strategic escape from experience, but we are inherently obliged to understand the total process of experience itself. Such understanding is expressed in the naturally self-transcending mood of love, or the intuitive and spontaneous sacrifice of the self-position.

The Ecstasy that arises naturally from right intuitive understanding is the only Wisdom of Man. The spontaneous or nonproblematic surrender of the psycho-physical or experiential self is the only Freedom. Radical and prior Unity with the Radiant Transcendental Being is the only Way of Happiness under any and all of the temporary conditions of experience.


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