The Seed



are dormant possibilities of life and action. In the life of
a practitioner seeds are possibilities or potentials
inherent in various disciplines. Without disciplines there
are no possibilities. Seeds require an environment of
‘germination’ where the potential of the seed can be
actualized. Practices and disciplines of body and mind are
always the foundation of life if one is expected to

What follows are some excerpts from
talks and writings where Adi Da uses the term ‘seed’ or
‘seeds’. The excerpts below have links to the original talk
or essay and they are not related in any thematic way. The
talks and excerpts cover various topics where the term
‘seed’ is used in many different ways and


“Materialism and the great threats
with which humanity is associated now, apparently, need not
go to their end and destroy, because at the
of Life a Wedding has been made. Participate in these
Nuptials and change the world. That is your work! Yours! I
have done Mine, and, therefore, My business from now is to
lie with the Lady. You Regard Me There, and do your work, it
is yours. Yours-alone. I having done Mine, yours alone. You
cannot afford to be fools anymore. For the sake of everyone,
you cannot afford to do that”.

Divine Goddess

“The qualities of the functional
dimensions of gross consciousness may appear in the form of
lights or light-forms, in various colors, corresponding to
the hierarchy of subjective or internal functions apparent
in the gross sphere. Such yogis prize above all the
appearance of light that corresponds to their passage from
the gross sphere into the subtle sphere (not just the finer
side of the gross sphere, but the subtle or higher energy
world in itself, which belongs to a totally different
dimension of appearance and activity than the universes in
the gross-physical sphere). This light (a spot, grid, flame,
or chakra) corresponds to the higher-reflecting function of
mind, which is turned to the subtle rather than the gross
sphere via the sahasrar. This
or door of the subtle realm appears behind and above the
gross physical eyes. Some practitioners say that to pierce
or transcend this door is the way toward the Self. The
lesser ones claim that it is the only way to reach the Self,
or that it is itself the highest realization of

Paradox of Instruction – chapter 3

“But in the instant of
differentiation the most primitive archetype of all
knowledge appears. It appears as a simple presumption of
independent existence, consciousness, and pleasure over
against all kinds of relations or objects, high and

seed of Self

The Enlightened or Inherent Being is
inherently free of the self-knot, or the self-contraction,
which is the
of modification (or the urge toward objects). Thus, the
Enlightened Being is Freely and always capable of
recognizing and transcending all objects, including the
body-mind. The Enlightened Being Stands Eternally in the
Existence Place, the Transcendental Self-Position,
Consciousness Itself, Self-Radiant, Infinite as Love-Bliss,
or beginnings and endless Happiness.

Dreaded Gom Boo

“Liberation Through god-Realization
Is Senior To Any Effort Of the conditional self To Be
Lawful, Purified, Evolved, Fulfilled, Ended, or

This Is The
and Import Of Religion and Esotericism”.

is Only Light

“The morality of love itself finds
form in the second stage of life”.

Seven Stages of Life

“Study the Great Tradition of the
esoteric spiritual, transcendental, and Divine Realization
of Truth. Let every one who will study the Great Tradition
understand that, although The Way Of The Heart is a new and
most full revelation made under the circumstances arising
during the physical lifetime bodily human form, it is also
The Eternal and Ancient “Secret” Way that is the
of all religions”.

Dawn Horse Testament

“The possibility of spiritual
practice, and also growth in more or less conventional
terms, begins when suffering moves you to acknowledge your
own psycho-physical nature and the psycho-physical nature of
the manifest worlds. Then everything in life begins to break
up and loosen. A new kind of life can begin, perhaps with
all kinds of episodes and adventures and even
self-exploitation. But contained within the
of that change is the possibility for God Realization.
Contained within that acknowledgment of suffering is the
possibility of knowing the Spiritual Master. And when the
Spiritual Master is met, then your self-possessed adventure
is interrupted”.

Grace of Suffering

“The individual self or “soul”
Radiates or Expands from a fixed position in the region of
the heart, in association with the upper middle section of
the central nerve of the spinal column. The qualities of the
soul, in its bondage to the body-mind, are expressed as the
entire nervous system and body-mind. Just so, the soul in
itself, prior to the body-mind, is the epitome of the
nervous system. It is a “
or “spark” of Radiance, an atom of Original Light, located
in the region of the nervous system associated with the
heart core.

The soul is the witnessing
consciousness of the body-mind, prior to the “I” of self,
reference. It is eternally independent of the body-mind, and
yet it shares the characteristics or tendencies of the
body-mind by virtue of proximity and false identification
with the body-mind”.

Enlightenment of the Whole Body

“There must be Awakening from this
reactive bind of self. That Awakening comes through sudden
“hearing” and “seeing” of Truth. The Spiritual Master is
Awake, and he, with all devotees in Truth, serves that same
Awakening in others. But that Awakening is not only sudden
and present. It is the
of the ongoing Process of Life”.

Enlightenment of the Whole Body

“The highest extreme of the ascent
of attention is called “nirvikalpa samadhi,” or total
Absorption of self-consciousness in Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. But, in fact, the
of differentiated self remains in such ascended Absorption
of attention. Attention is yet extended outside the heart,
or the root of self-consciousness, as a gesture toward an
independent Object, and, therefore, such “samadhi” is not
only temporary, but it remains a form of subject-object

Enlightenment of the Whole Body

“In the only-by-Me Revealed and
Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam, devotional
recognition of Me is the first, or principal,

Devotional recognition of Me is the
recognition of egolessness-My Own Intrinsic

When there is devotional recognition
of Me and whole bodily devotional response to Me, My devotee
(thus and thereby) coincides with My Own Intrinsically
egoless Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State-Which Is
the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of
Reality Itself.

Therefore, by means of whole bodily
devotion to Me, there is participation in the Intrinsic
egolessness of Reality Itself.

The entire process of the “Radical”
Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam, from the beginning, is an
unfolding magnification of that
that conversion “at the root”.

That seed
-conversion is the
conversion to Intrinsic egolessness.

That seed
-conversion is devotional
recognition of My State-and falling into My State through
devotional recognition-response to Me.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given
“Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam Is the devotional
relationship to Me”.

Atma Nadi Shakti

So the body takes its course. It
should not be abused. Life should not be

You should allow it its course, as
if indifferently, not clinging to it such that you will
suffer a shock at the end of its life-but always Free,
Already, not bound to that.

It has its time, its qualities, its
perceptions-all of this business here.

Then that passes.

But there’s always the Divine

If you remain Established in It,
instead of in the realm of conditions, you are

And at some point, the body-mind
falls away from view, is Outshined.

That’s not the Condition to fear.
That is the Free Condition.

Established in the Witness and doing
the “Perfect Practice”, you become stabilized in your
acceptance of That being the Totality of

And no longer insist on the

So its not repeated. It takes its
course, but its not repeated. And it fulfills the law of
cause and effect. But there’s no
in you of repetitions, no need of body-mind or world,
because of the Divine Establishment.

“Brightening” Way Talk Series

The Yajna Discourses of Santosha Adi Da