Self-Understanding and the Logos – Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson on the Challenge of Western Man-Woman.

Those who have lost the connection to their roots suspect that things are not as they seem. They assume that things are worse than they seem, not better. Westerners in particular are always trying to surmount a negative psychological force, either through egoic effort or by means of imaginary association with a separate sense of themselves and the world. They not only divide the world but their psyche and thereby cut themselves off from their own help. – Beezone


Self-Understanding and the Logos

The following was an edit from the original interview:

‘Mysticism, Spirit and the Shadow’ – Jordan Peterson interview part 1

The first part of Rebel Wisdom’s exclusive interview with psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson – where he talks in depth about his understanding of mysticism, religion and the challenge of integrating the shadow.

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