Sexuality One Seminar

Sexuality One Course

a) Readings, exercises, and overview of the emotional-sexual consideration

b) Untitled talk excerpt – specific instructions re getting in touch
with the essential memories of the past.

c) Summary points of the Oedipal consideration

d) The Invisible Horse – Excerpt from a Talk By Da Free John – the primary
reason for examining your emotional-sexual patterning is the ability to
observe yourself in the present moment.

e) Uncle Da Goes to the Seashore – A Talk By Da Free John – The roles
of the challenging and nurturing forces in the relationship between Spiritual
Master and devotee.

f) Untitled talk excerpt – Master Da takes a devotee through his emotional-sexual

g) You Are Not the One Who Gets Loved – Excerpt from a Talk By Da Free
John – The sense of rejection is your own assumption. Therefore you must
become responsible as love constantly.

h) Childishness – A Talk excerpt in which Master Da addresses a devotee’s

i) The Fear of Being Left Alone – A Talk-excerpt by Da Free John – (How
the absence of a strong connection to love as a child manifests as the
search for attention via manipulation) (Only commitment to present Communion
makes past patterning obsolete)

j) The Spoiled Child – Talk excerpt by Da Free John – Giving a child
too much attention makes him or her unable to generate love and dependent
on always being fed and supported.

k) Oedipal Summary

l) Fascination and No Sex – Talk excerpt – What happens to the child
whose parent of the opposite sex showed no inclination to sexuality at

m) Homosexuality – the Oedipal roles as homosexuals adapt to them.

n) Depolarized Women – The feminist movement of the sixties and seventies
was based on an Oedipal conflict.

o) Sexy and Anti-Sex – The quality of the polarized play in relationship
to the parent of the opposite sex determines your relationship to sexuality.

p) Notes to Instructors of the Emotional-Sexual Seminar

q) Testimonial of Emotional-Sexual Histories