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“What is the fundamental encounter or test that human life is all about? It is to be forced into a condition of elemental existence and to be completely superior to it. We are always tending to contract, to recoil upon ourselves, to avoid the pattern of relations. If we can become responsible for that reaction, then we have gotten the lesson of Earth.
Slick and Clever Mind

“Adolesence is the origin of clever mind – conscious manufacturing motivations (desires).”
“There is virtually no limit to the delusions that human beings can presume on the basis of their tendencies, their desiring, their motivation, their reactions to experience.”
Identification of the Beloved

From the teachings of Adi Da Samraj


“I haven’t told you any bullshit at all. It’s always been a “consideration”. This is how I’ve always done it. I haven’t just given you pronouncements. That could have finished up the Work in a few weeks—or months anyway. Its always been a “consideration”, in other words involving you in examining everything.

My teaching work has always been done as a “consideration”, in this manner you do not become believers, you become initiates.”

Torque of Attention

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“The ego is a knot, a beast, a machine-and a very clever one. It takes a very direct, very simple, very clear, very straightforward approach to deal with it. You cannot let yourself get very complicated about it, or the practice will itself become a form of self-contraction.”

Good Company


“Few are willing to endure such a process. Therefore, illusory and consoling ways have been created by compassionate, clever, and deluded men. But the scheme of all the universes, mortal and immortal, high and low, with its endless times of birth and death, and its numberless kinds of learning, is itself the way and the destiny of all ordinary and extraordinary men. Only those who weary of the usual way become willing to engage the Divine Process, in which their very life consciousness is sacrificed in its own Condition and Nature. All others, high and low, are devoted to their own unending path, from which there is no perfect relief, except on the day all worlds, ages, and heavens dissolve in the sleep of God.”

Breath and Name


“There is no cheap “super-truth” or “clever method” for “everyman” in this entropic time of aggressive consumerism, universal indiscriminate and waste-bound consumption of everything, and virtually totalistic scientific and technological “world”-domination.”



“In due course, the power of “religion” to console the infantile and childish ego must be outgrown, and the power of “worldly realism”, and “gross rationalism”, and “scientific materialism” to fascinate and retard the clever adolescent ego (and, otherwise, to defeat the infantile or childish ego) must be outgrown, and the power of the middle-of-the-road to seduce and entrap the developmentally compromised first-three-stages-of-life ego must be outgrown, and ego itself (altogether, and in all of its exoteric and esoteric stages of life) must be out-grown—but Truth Itself, Which Is Only Intrinsically egoless Reality Itself, can never be outgrown.”



“The only thing wrong with anyone in any moment of limitation is the collapse of the heart. When the heart collapses, the energies all over the body become distorted. Thus, the transformation of the heart is the single and fundamental occupation of Man at this time in our evolution.

The quality of such a persons existence is the quality of radiance to others and to God. It is an emotional radiance. It is also full of energy, and it is physical. It is the radiance of energy and attention in relationship. In the company of such a person others feel an endless force of consciousness and energy to which the individual is surrendered bodily and emotionally. The spiritual Power that Radiates the worlds, is expressed through such a person quite naturally, and he or she becomes an increasingly different kind of person because of that expression. A community of such people becomes a profoundly unique association of human beings, because they work constantly to transform the emotional and moral dimension that is basic to our existence.

In general we tend not to engage the emotional dimension at all. We avoid it. We play the game of emotional dissociation from the world, from one another, and from God. When we dramatize this problem of emotional dissociation, this quality of the collapse of feeling, energy, and attention, then we become self-servers, totally without clarity in relationship not only in human relationships, but in all relationships, and in relationship to God most fundamentally. We must bring down this emotional barrier that exists between us and never again play the game of “lets pretend.”

You must understand that the dramatization of emotional dissociation does not happen only sometimes. The total collapse of the being, the fundamental emotional dissociation, is effective at all times, even when you think you are being positively or energetically emotional in relation to something or someone. Even at those times, if you are sensitive to yourself, you will feel yourself withholding at the root of the emotional gesture. You are playing “lets pretend.”

You must also recognize the emotional limitations of your upbringing and background in the middle class of the twentieth century West. Most of those who come to me have come out of the middle-class world of slick associations, in which this emotional matter has never been dealt with and the whole affair of spiritual life has never been seriously considered. The term “middle-class world” is just another way of describing the world of “lets pretend.” It is a TV world of totally subhuman existence founded in the collapse of emotion into self-possession. We are really referring to that TV society when we self-critically call ourselves “middle-class.” We are so superficial, we play “lets pretend” so profoundly, that the reality of TV becomes our own minds.

In the game of “lets pretend,” you have a serious confrontation with somebody every now and then, and at the end of it you kiss one another or slap one another on the back. You feel good about one another, but you have not changed at all. You have simply passed through the superficial ritual that is acknowledged as sufficient for friendship and trust in our ordinary society. It is not real friendship, however, not real trust, because each emotional personality is self-possessed.

Wizard of Oz

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“In the Bhagavad Gita, as Arjuna was about to fight the Kauravas, but was overtaken with fright, Krishna said to him, “Arjuna, you gutless fool! How dare you come righteously to me when you refuse to fight!”

“Look at this Arjuna!” And suddenly Krishna threw out a billion arms and billion heads and shined a great glorious blue body surrounded by gold with a tremendous fiery white heated light right down the middle of it that blew Arjuna’s mind to eternity.

Like Arjuna, you are called to abandon all dharmas, all supports, experience, principles, everything possible, the whole structure of the body-being, heaven, Earth and everything you may hold onto.

Remove the TV stupidity from lie, absolutely remove it. Be strong. Make the Earth sacred. To absolutely change everything is the ultimate Teaching. But in the meantime, you’re all telling me, “But you don’t understand Master, how hard it is to go out and make a living”. This is the same as Arjuna who tells Krishna he wants to see his billion-armed form, and when he does he shits in his pants! What does he know about multi-armed forms? What is a multi-armed form? It’s just the sense all of a sudden that your attention is exploded, and you cannot hold on to your concepts, your slick and clever mind any more. Get on with life, do it.”



Do Not Cease to Grow

Do not prevent (but always serve) the process of Constant Growth (and Out-Growing) in all others.

Always notice when Growth has stopped

Always remember to begin to Grow again.

And always Grow Beyond, by Growing from the heart (and Into The Heart Itself).

Grow Beyond your own self (or the habit off feeling, thinking, and doing separation).

Grow Beyond illusion (or the habit of thinking and feeling two, or otherness).

Grow Beyond all limitations, and Into The Only One That Is, so that You will See (or Realized) Only One, even if the body and the world arise, and even if they cease to arise, and even if they do not arise.

There Is Always Already Only One.


from (part of) Epilogue – The Basket of Tolerance (On The Seven Schools of The One and Great Tradition Of God-Talk) – A Reader’s Introduction to the Historical Traditions of Truly Human Culture, Practical self-Discipline, Perennial Religion, Universal Religious Mysticism, “Esoteric” Spirituality, and Transcendental Wisdom.

Complied, Annotated, and Presented by Adi Da Samraj