So Be It – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 9: The Western Way

So Be It


The Way of Life that I Teach is necessarily evolved in
seven stages of adaptation and transcendence, each stage of
which corresponds to a specific level in the hierarchy of
psycho-physical structures in Man. Some rare individuals
may, because of their unique characteristics, move fairly
quickly and easily toward the higher or later phases of this
necessary spiritual career, but most individuals, even
though they may possibly fulfill all seven stages in their
lifetime, must grow by degrees in a difficult but profound
creative struggle, stage by stage, day by day.

The essential Truth is Realized even from the beginning
of this progress by those who truly “hear” or understand the
Teaching and directly “see” or intuit and surrender to the
Spiritual Presence that is uniquely Communicated and
Magnified in this world through the Agency of a Perfect or
Completed Adept (who is a Spiritual Master fully Awakened in
the seventh stage of life). But the process of living the
Way is a matter of natural and right adaptation to the
various structures of the human body-mind, and then, at the
point of maturity in each stage of such adaptation,
transcending all limitations represented by that particular
level of structure or experience. Therefore, the Way of Life
is a progressive sacrifice of the psycho-physical self,
leading toward perfect Ecstasy, or self-transcendence. But
the primary means of this sacrifice is also Ecstasy, or
self-transcending Love-Communion with the Living Reality and
Eternal Presence that is God, or the Transcendental Truth of
Man and the world.

Many people presume to Know the Truth and to Teach the
Way of Life, but very few such people have even accepted the
necessity of the personal and moral disciplines that mark
the beginning of the fourth stage of life. And even among
those who demonstrate the signs of ordinary self-mastery (or
submission of the lower physical, emotional, and mental
functions to the Life-Principle, so that the lower body-mind
demonstrates the regenerative conservation of Life-Energy),
very few demonstrate the true heart of God-Love. Just so,
even among those who attain a high degree of adaptation to
the higher psychic, mental, and superconscious range of
cosmic experience, very few transcend either the distracting
egoic consolations offered by such phenomena or the
nihilistic emptiness that arises when such phenomena, as
well as the ordinary states of physical experience, are
suspended in trance meditation. But even among those who
transcend the consolations of the higher and the lower
body-mind, and so pass through ego-death, or intuitive
Awakening to the Transcendental Being or Self within which
all minds and bodies are arising, very few also Awaken
beyond the introverted tendency that excludes the world, or
psycho-physical experience, from the Transcendental

Only those who truly Awaken in the seventh stage of life
have fulfilled the Way of Life completely. They are
open-eyed and free, addicted neither to the negation of the
world (or the nihilistic emptiness of the body-mind) nor to
the distracted and troubled embrace of the world itself (or
interminable preoccupation with the numberless possibilities
of mere experience, high or low). Only such individuals have
Realized perfect Identity with the Transcendental Being (the
Eternal Self), or perfect Unity between the body-mind and
the All-Pervading and Transcendental Divine Radiance. Only
such individuals have finally transcended the structural
schism in the body-mind that divides experience into
mutually exclusive categories, such as high and low, self
and other, subjective and objective, mind and matter, life
and death, East and West. Only such individuals are fully,
finally, and perfectly established in that sacrifice of self
in which all subjectivity (or self-possessed inwardness of
mind and psyche) is already transcended in radical intuition
of Eternal Identity with the Transcendental Self (or Divine
Being), so that the Way has become simple, direct, and total
bodily surrender into the All-Pervading Radiance wherein the
world and the body-mind are always presently arising.
Therefore, only in the Fullness of the seventh stage of life
is Man transcended and also Transfigured by the Radiant
Divine Being. So be it.


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