Tea Thoughts

Tea Thoughts


It’s good to know what you want, but better to know who you are.


Know all the laws and read the fine print.


No one is precisely what they appear to be.


Sometimes you are destined to spend the rest of your life paying for your mistakes.


The only truth in war is that people die.


“Why not” is a perfectly good reason.


Sometimes even Shadows can show us the way home.


The future isn’t what it used to be.


Bend the rules, but don’t break them.


The power of one mind can change the universe.


There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom.


Half a dream is better than none.


Sometimes “peace” is another word for surrender.


The best way to understand someone is to fight him, make him angry, that’s when you see the real person.


Secrets have a way of getting out.


Reading is not substitute for experience.


Don’t make promises life won’t let you keep.


When you become obsessed with the enemy, you become the enemy.


You cannot serve larger ideals by compromising smaller ones.


Laughter is better than pills for what ails you.


All beings are defined by their capacity and need for love.


Wear loose shoes and never forget how to dance.


Trust individuals, not organizations.


The future isn’t what it used to be.


There is beauty in the dark.


Some favors come at too high a price.


There are some matters on which one feels compelled to take a vow of silence.


Sometimes the impossible is possible.


The longer a terrible secret is held, the more painful it is to reveal it.


What we hold sacred gives our lives meaning.


We create the future with our words, with our thoughts, with our deeds, and with our beliefs.


Some changes can have unexpected consequences.


Everybody lies, innocent or guilty. Each lies for their own reasons.


We all do what we do because it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Sooner or later it all ends and you go out the same way you came in, naked and alone.