Sky of Mind Dissolves in Light, The


Songs of the Enlightened Heart





The Sky of Mind Dissolves in Light

The mind is like a cave of bats. Countless eyes are suspended
in darkness, with sharp feet clinging to the convolutions of the brain,
hiding from light. The billions of thoughts and images swarm out in the
dark night sky of mind, lusting and hungry for their objects.

What can be done? No struggle in the sky can cause this
numberless herd to vanish. But if attention itself is simply turned to
the light, the inward crowd dissolves, and the cave and the sky dissolve
in the night-rise, passing beyond the day into Brightness.

And what is that light by which the mind is vanquished,
if only attention is surrendered there? It is the All-Pervading Current
of Vibratory Life, in which the body, the brain, and the world are floating.
And it is the Transcendental Consciousness, from which attention and then
thought both rise, the way a bat follows sound into darkness with an open
mouth to be fed.




There is nothing unique to be found within. There is no
independent psyche. There is no depth to mind. All is like language—a learned
assembly and logic of signs we all share.

There is nothing unique to be found without. There is
no ultimate answer, no ultimate fulfillment, no final satisfaction of endless
desire and hope. There is no depth to the whole world.

There is only one event: Something arising. All arising
is the same mysterious fascination. Only the Mystery is ever found, within
and without. Therefore, all that a man or woman may confront is the process
of arising, instant forever. When the valuation of one moment or condition
over against another ceases by this insight, then profound sensitivity
is felt relative to every instant of simple arising. And this sensitivity
becomes ultimate and radical intuition of the Condition of this whole process
of arising.

There is unqualified Consciousness, Radiant and prior
to form. The world, the body, and every thought or presumption or perception,
and even the sense of independent identity, all arise in every instant,
prior to all causation or meaning, as modifications of that Radiant Field
or Ignorance. There is no necessity to any of it. It is all a Play that
makes its own meanings and apparent necessities. Meaning and necessity
are not caused or generated by the Real Condition itself.

Once this intuition exactly flashes, all summary and eternally
obvious, humor suddenly returns, and the game or process of everything
is released of the burden to fulfill and to solve and also to reveal Truth
and Happiness.

The ultimate fulfillment of the Law—which is sacrifice,
ecstasy, or love is to abide as this intuition in every instant, eternally
free and full. It is no answer. It is simply free. All questions are simply
dissolved in it.

What of life then? It is not that it is a problem. What
arises, arises. It does not merely arise to oneself. It arises inclusive
of oneself and as oneself. Therefore, life is ultimately and wisely lived
with humor and in freedom, allowing all to pass and also to be bright in
the present. But there is no fit or frenzy of living.

There is natural abiding in every instant in the intuition
of the Condition of these conditions. Thus meditation has been transcended
in perpetual and tranquil Bliss, and all conditions of experience are transcended
in every instant. The search falls away. There is only sacrifice of conditions
into the Feeling at Infinity. Soon the transparency of everything dissolves
everything in unambiguous Joy.




When the subjective order comes to rest, and also the
search to stimulate it and activate a fascinated life again, then all urges
cease, and there is no binding force or implication in the pattern of relations.
One is no longer moved by curious patterns of desire. Simply abide in this
tranquility, disturbed by nothing within or without. Feel in the Bliss
of the desireless Absolute while all things pass forever.




Inwardness and the illusion of independent identity make
life desirable and glamorous and threatening, as if it were all leading
somewhere we need to go. But when the inward illusion is dissolved, the
world of relations stands plain. There is no desire, and therefore no sign
of necessity. Fascination fails. Compassion awakens. The world is to be
transcended, since it is never fulfilled. At times “I” tries to create
an inward realm of desiring thought again, in order to become lively at
life again. But always tranquility overwhelms the inner man, and the world
is relieved of its fascination. Now “I” serves, to refresh and awaken his
friends. Perhaps it is useless. But the moment passes, and Truth is the
only profound.