Aletheon – Spiritual Master as Treasure

“To be Governed by Me is not childish. Rather, to be Governed by Me (Reality) is to be, truly and maturely human. To be Governed by Me (Reality) is to be a real adult-one who no longer assigns the faculties of discrimination and responsibility to his or her parents, but who “takes the treasure” from the parents’ house and, as a truly adult man or woman (full of discrimination, and clarity of heart, and clarity of mind), surrenders in obedience to (Reality).”
Aletheon – Divine Self-Obedience, p.763

Adi Da Samraj


Traditionally, when an individual is recognized to be a Spiritual Realizer, the first thing that is done is that he or she is set apart – or provided with a right circumstance, and perpetually served. Such setting apart of a Spiritual Realizer is done by those who would be that one’s devotees-because, without such setting apart, a Realizer cannot function as a Master, and will simply remain unknown.

Why have devotees always set apart the Realizers they discovered, approaching them thereafter as their Masters? The reason that the setting apart of a Realizer is necessary is that Realization is a Spiritual State, in Which even the body-mind of the Realizer is transformed to an extraordinary degree-and such a transformed body-mind cannot exist under ordinary conditions. Thus, a True Realizer is not simply one who utters a Teaching. Rather, a True Realizer is the Incarnation of That Which he or she has Realized.

If you were walking down a beach, you might find all kinds of fragments-of shells, and bits of this and that washed up from the sea. However, if you found a diamond the size of a football, you would know you had found a unique treasure. You would not treat such a discovery like a broken bit of shell.

To find a True Realizer-not just a “talker”, but one who has been Transformed by the Transcendental Spiritual Divine – is to discover such a unique Treasure. There are degrees of demonstration of Divine Self-Realization – in the modes of the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth stages of life, and, now, in My Divine Avataric Case, in the ultimate mode of the seventh stage of life. Nevertheless, all degrees of Real-God-Realization are about the same fundamental matter, the same Reality.

True devotees worship their Spiritual Masters with their lives – because true devotees have discovered that the Spiritual Master is the Incarnation of the State they would Realize, the State that they understand to be the ultimate purpose of life itself.

As “Narcissus”, you presume that I am merely another “human primate”. As “Narcissus”, you presume that I am “just like you” – that I am in the same state as you are, and involved in the same kind of activities as you are. Thus, as “Narcissus”, you presume that I am an ego who functions socially, organizationally, and merely ceremonially. However, all such presumptions are merely the signs of an egoically ignorant state, in which you are not devotionally recognizing Me. To make any such presumption is to be unaware that This Divine Avataric Revelation-Body is Transcendentally Spiritually Transformed and in a Profound Condition utterly unlike that of others. This Body Is The Unique Means for the Most Perfect Divine Liberation of all who devotionally recognize Me and devotionally respond to Me. This Body Is The Unique Revelation of the Perfect Way to Realize the Divine Conscious Light.

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