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Vision Mound Magazine – 1979

“You must find the ways to overcome
the stresses, to transform the chemistry of the body
literally, so that you can live long and without stress,
both chemical and social, or cultural. Such a life is not
possible for a group of people until they create sanctuary
with one another, a mutually protected, stable, basically
unthreatened way of life.

“We are threatened!” is the message
of the news. It reminds us of our situation. The program of
the news is all about people who are threatening one
another, either with terrible violence or with just social
nastiness, the exploiting of one another. Loveless society
is basically the idea that we constantly reinforce in one
another. We teach each other and we pass on to our children
all the techniques for living as a stressful personality
that reinforce the negative content of social interaction.
We believe bodily, stressfully, that our life cannot, even
should not, be long, that it is not good to be alive in the
body, that we are supposed to go elsewhere. We have all
these ideas that are Life-negative in bodily terms, but the
ultimate way of Enlightenment is to become Life-positive in
bodily terms, which is just the reverse of what we are
tending to do. Human beings are living way down at the
bottom of their evolutionary potential. Nevertheless, if you
can personally, and with a few others, grasp the higher
realities of the mechanisms in which you live, then you can
practice a Way of life that stimulates those factors. You
must have sanctuary, a relatively protected world, to do
that because you must live in a way that is not compatible
with the way other people want to live. So you must
eliminate stress, bodily. Under stress, in fear, mortally
self-conscious, we are poisoning ourselves with our own
chemistry. All those negative reactions are actually setting
up signals for the body so that it will function as an
animal strives to survive”…….

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