Sundernath (Shandor Remete) – Hatha Yoga – Tantric Rite

Shandor Remete


Sundernath (Shandor Remete) was fortunate to be born into a household at the southeastern tip of the great Hungarian plain where the art of yoga was a daily presence. From this seed, his destiny on the path of yoga unfolded.

He has spent over 60 years pursuing a depth of knowledge about the roots of yoga that very few modern scholars or practitioners have ever achieved.

He is an initiate of the Kanpatha Hatha Yogins of Nepal, descendants of Sri Gorakhnath, and his Guru Sri Matsyendranath. These great Yogins were the forefathers of Tantrik Hatha Yoga, the heart of which is Hatha Yoga – the science bestowed on humanity by Adinatha (Lord Shiva).

He is the founder of Shadow Yoga.

The following video of Sundernath was published on Vimeo as ‘Hatha Yoga – the Internalised Tantric Rite’, an event on November 6, 2020.

This edited edition by Beezone presents the lecture portion.  For the full version in which he demonstrates the postures please go to the full Vimeo Video Here:

For further examination of the esoteric aspects of Hatha Yoga see Yoga-Tattva Upanishad.