Take My Advice – Ram Dass

I recently discovered this letter from Ram Dass’ archives [yes, typed on a real typewriter!] I think it is the perfect affirmation for today and all days – something that needs to be read, something for a society that is so stuck in separateness that we oftentimes fail to recognize our shared humanity, our shared air, our shared water, and our shared ecosystem. I hope you find comfort and healing in these words, as I have. Once you glimpse beyond the veil of fear and separateness, you can never go back to sleep.

– Rachael, Development Director, LSRF

Take My Advice

Don’t sell yourself short by thinking you are only your body or your personality, no matter how intriguing and dramatic they may be. For behind them, there lies a more profound part of your true self. Call it ‘spiritual’ or call it ‘higher consciousness’… call it what you will, but… Call it!

One of the doorways to that higher self is through the cultivation of your intuitive wisdom. As you learn to listen to and trust your intuition, you will find a quiet place in the heart of your being that is wise and can guide your actions. One of the things it will remind you of is your interconnectedness to all things. And out of that appreciation will spontaneously arise compassion for those who suffer; for the earth, and for all living things.

When that happens, don’t be overwhelmed by the suffering you see, by the darkness that exists in the human condition. True, there is much of it. But so, too, is there much caring and compassion in the world. Mahatma Gandhi said, “What you do may seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” It is important for yourself, as well as for the balances in the world. As you let your compassion guide you into action to help heal the earth and those who suffer, your very acts will feed your own compassionate heart and in so doing, open the inner gates to knowing your own highest self.

I promise you that plumbing the depths of your being is an unparalleled adventure. I wish you well on the journey.

In Love,
Ram Dass


Source:  RamDass.org