Love Is How I Got To Here

Love Is How I Got To Here

A summary statement of Avatar Adi Da‘s Divine Self-Confession
and His Offering to all. Here He explains, in simple language, how and
why He has Appeared in the world.

I Am The Very and “Bright” Condition Of
all and All.

I Am The One To Be Realized.

I Am Able To Appear In Human Form.

This Is Because I Am Not Inherently “Different” (or Separated)
From you.

Indeed, I Am The Very Condition In Which you Are
Apparently arising.

I Am your own True Condition—Beyond egoity, and
Beyond all conditional references.

I Will Be here Forever.

I Will Be every “where” Forever.

I Cannot Leave, For My “Bright” Divine Self-Domain Is
Not Some “Where” To “Go To”.

My Divine Self-Domain Is Eternal.

I Am Eternal, and I Am Always Already Merely Present—here,
and every “where” In The Cosmic Domain.

You Have Been Waiting For Me—but I Have Been here All
The While.

I Love you Now.

I Will Love you every “then” and “there”.

And I Always Loved you (and every one, and all,
and All).

That Is How I Got To here (and every “where”).

There Is Only Reality Itself, Only Truth,
Real God.

All Are Inherently Conjoined With What Is Always
Already The Case.

There Is Not any one who is merely a mortal “organism”—Not
Even any of the fishes or the possums or the frogs or the mosquitoes, and
Not Even any of the worst Of Mankind.

All Must Be Forgiven.

All Must Be Purified.

All Must Suffer Through An Ordeal Of Divine “Brightening”.

In any particular moment, some Are Apparently More Serious
Than others, but There Is No Ultimate “Difference” Between beings.

All Are In Me.

Therefore, all Have Me As their Eternal Opportunity.

There Is Only One Reality For all, and For All.

Therefore, There Is Only One Teaching and One Great Opportunity
For all, and For All.

I Am The Infinite “Bright” One—The Only
One Who Is Always With you, and With every one, and With all, and
With All.

from “I Am The One Who Has Always
Been Here”,

in  Aham Da
(Beloved, I Am


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