Sex, Laughter and Real-God-Realization (Truth for Real booklet excerpt)

Laughter and Real-God-Realization

A humorous and penetrating discussion of the human tendency
to refuse ecstasy in life, and of the necessity to overcome this refusal
if one intends to grow Spiritually.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: The three fundamental disturbances
to the ego-made order of life are sex, laughter, and Real-God-Realization.
Sex (or bodily pleasure), laughter (or genuine, and heart-open, humor),
and Real-God-Realization (or Most Perfect Identification with the Divine
Reality Itself) are, each and all, forms of ecstasy (or of ego-transcending
enjoyment). For that reason, all three are, in various ways (and by various
means, both personal and collective), suppressed, manipulated, prevented,
falsified, and culturally excised from your daily lives.

Sex is an obsessive concern in human societies. Human
beings are always seeking pleasure, including sexual pleasure in particular,
but, for reasons they do not understand, they are also always tending to
be involved in the suppression, manipulation, and non-enjoyment of sex,
or of the bodily pleasurableness of existence altogether. As a result,
life is not lived as an intentionally (and truly) pleasurable event. Whenever
there is enjoyment to the point of ecstasy, to the point of no stressful
concern whatsoever, to the point of ragged pleasure, it is threatening
to the ego-“I”. In the circumstance of such ecstasy, you (as the ego-“I”)
feel that something is coming into the world that is going to destroy your
life, or destroy the order of society! Thus, you do not consistently, truly,
and freely allow ecstasy to appear—except in the double-minded
(or ritualized yes/no) moments that you have (generally, according to relatively
sex-negative and pleasure-negative social and religious conventions) fitted
into your life.

Along with the fact that every individual is socially
conditioned to suppress, control, and manipulate the sense of bodily pleasure
and the animation of bodily pleasure, there is the presumed necessity of
being “serious”, being humorless, being a stressful seeker, being someone
in dilemma—in other words, being the “usual” (or “normal”) person. Thus,
whenever there is the suppression of bodily pleasure, there is also the
suppression of genuine humor. And, where there is no bodily (or psycho-physically
allowed) pleasure and no genuine (or heart-allowed) humor, there is no

It is not possible for one who is devoid of bodily (or
psycho-physically un-contracted) pleasure and genuine (or truly open-hearted)
humor to Most Perfectly Comprehend the True Divine Nature and Self-Condition
of all and All. Therefore, neither true (or most perfectly ego-transcending)
pleasure, nor true (or most perfectly ego-transcending) humor, nor True
(or most perfectly ego-transcending) Real-God-Realization can be the case
unless all three are, simultaneously, the case.


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excerpted fromSex,
Laughter and Real-God-Realization

in Part Eight of Ruchira
Avatara Hridaya-Tantra Yoga


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