The Aarti Puja – Michael J Setter

The Aarti Puja

The aarti puja in Fiji, performed every evening by the Kanyas (a group of four of Adi Da Samraj’s long-time female devotees), was one of the most remarkable events of ashram life. Everyone attended and the energy of the occasion was extraordinary. The waving of the lights and the accompanying din of music and noise formed the physical basis for a ritual ceremony the esoteric nature of which I was graced to directly witness many times. Directly, because although having discussed the nature of my observations with many devotees, the only person to offer validation for my testimony was Kanya Tripura, Adi Da Samraj’s principle devotee.

When giving energy (which was what the aarti facilitated) to the Guru reached a certain threshold level and then spontaneously passed into the realm of collective selves-transcendence (something which did not occur every night) a process of what I might call “world purification” was initiated. At this point I would pass into a state of heightened sensitivity to subtle realms and the suffering of beings who inhabited those realms. I could see and hear (subtly, but with true clarity) the tormented, howling, screaming, innumerable masses of subtly embodied suffering beings passing through this temple like a river to be relieved by the succor of infinite Life. This was not the everyday round of suffering to which we are all accustomed.

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