The Base for Free Attention


Attention moves in a great electronic field, a three-dimensional realm of little electronic dots. Attention in itself is one dot, in one position in this moment and in the next moment in another position, not just in a two-dimensional screen, like a TV, but in a three-dimensional realm of an infinite number of electronic dots. Attention can move to any one of those spaces instantly, without moving through everything in between. Attention is just the point of awareness, keyed into a great electronic medium that has the capacity to represent itself as solid appearances, or just light, or energy appearances, or darkness, or nothingness

Truly, the entire affair is terrible, absolutely terrible. It is a horror to contemplate. The only thing that makes it not seem horrible to us is our capacity to achieve a state of relative equanimity in our present condition. We can balance ourselves, feel relatively relaxed and enjoying something like pleasurable feeling, but we are still not immortal, Enlightened, Free, Happy. We are just intoxicated with equanimity. That is why equanimity is not an end in itself in this Way. It is simply the base for free attention. We must do something with our attention, having realized equanimity. We must not just hang around in a sattvic state, righteously enjoying our balanced condition. That condition will last only as long as conditions permit it to last in this world, and it will cease at death. All kinds of influences can interfere with our equanimity. Thus, it is not an end in itself.

It is useful to bring the body-mind into a state of equanimity. It has secondary associations that are pleasurable, but basically it is only useful. It is a condition in which our attention is free from bondage to those conditions that, in equanimity, are now in a state of balance. Thus, we must use equanimity as a base, an asana on the base of which we can enter into the contemplation and samadhi of the Condition or Source of attention.

Consciousness is just like a point, moving in this infinite, three dimensional crystal, or plane, or sphere of dots. It feels individuated, separate, and trapped. Wherever it is, it sees everything around it. Wherever you look, everything surrounds that center of looking. In the next moment, you are in this spot, or that spot. There are always the surrounding forms, motions, and energies. You are trapped as this little point in the midst of it.

We must take attention away from its preoccupation with, or bondage to, this infinite medium of dots and let it fall back into the contemplation of its own Source. When that is done most profoundly, then there is the inherent or tacit, spontaneous recognition of the Infinite Field in which this mechanical act of attention is being moved. Then whenever attention does move, wherever it moves, its condition and its objects are inherently, instantly recognizable. They are still what they are as an appearance, but they are recognizable in their Source Condition. They do not have the capacity to destroy Enlightenment, or the Realization of the Truth. But we must persist in this power of recognition. It is a kind of Yoga of Enlightenment. Unless we persist in it, attention will simply continue to arise mechanically in this great crystal or Mandala. And, Enlightened or not, there is still the environment of limitation.

Thus, in the Enlightened condition or disposition, we must exist moment to moment as this Siddhi, or Power, or Disposition, of recognition. It is this Power that will Transfigure, Transform, and Translate attention and its field into the Ultimate Domain. Therefore ultimately all of that will be replaced or Outshined by the Divine Radiance, the White Force in which it is appearing. The environment of appearances is only an apparition based on this mechanism of attention. If attention is transcended in its Source, the environment of appearances is recognizable. If the Power of recognition is magnified, then all of these conditions will be Outshined by the Radiance that is the Source of Nature.

That is Liberation. That is Enlightenment in its ultimate sense. The Siddhi of Enlightenment guarantees that Liberation. Enlightenment itself is certainly Liberation, but it is not an end phenomenon. It is the native Condition. That native Condition is a Siddhi, a Great power, which permits us to transcend the limiting force of the Cosmic Mandala That is the esotericism of the seventh stage of life. That is the Process to which all those who respond to me are being drawn. It is That to which you are invited. But you can only participate in That if you actually live the Way, achieve equanimity and free attention, resolve attention in its Source, and then persist in the spontaneous Siddhi or Process of recognition, until there is the Outshining of conditional existence.

Adi Da Samraj – Easy Death