The Ultimate Truth of All Religions



Chapter 8: The Transcendental Vision

The Ultimate Truth of All Religions


True religious “faith” is simply the awakened intuition of the Living Spirit of God.

The secret of religious faith, or the Spiritual Realization of the Living God, is not any logical or illogical belief, nor any strategy of mystical self-manipulation, nor any knowledge about the interior or the exterior domain of Man. Rather, the secret of the awakening of the intuition of the Living God is simply to be present when the Revelation of the Living God is made.

But the Revelation of the Living God is not a final or once and-for-all historical event. The Revelation of the Living God is taking place in every moment, to everyone, and everywhere in space.

The Living God is simply and eternally Present. The Living God is Self-Revealing, or always Shown. The problem is that human individuals are not themselves always or profoundly present to the Living Reality. Human individuals are commonly involved in a chaos of self-conscious motives and self-possessed distractions. Therefore, if we fail to be intuitively and directly present to the moment to moment Revelation of the Living God, we will also fail to be truly religious or Spiritual in our understanding of human existence and our participation in the higher Way of Man.

God is eternally moved to be Present to the world and every being, because God is not other than the Living Spirit, the All-Pervading Current of Life and the very Consciousness in which all manifest conditions and all beings are arising, changing, and passing beyond all worldly knowing. Therefore, Man is obliged to be constantly present to the Presence of the Living God. And the Way in which we may be present to the Divine Presence is the whole bodily Way of heartfelt, mind-transcending, and direct and breathing bodily Communion with the Radiant Current of Life, Love, and Transcendental Consciousness.

Such is the eternal, true, mature, and esoteric religion of Man. And all temporal, specific, or historical revelations of this Truth, via the words and experiential conceptions of any individuals whatsoever, are only inspirational and more or less reliable guides to our own present religious and Spiritual practice of Transcendental God-Communion.