The Key – Beezone Daily Readings

The Key
 A Beezone edit and adaptation based on the writings of Adi Da Samraj

You must find out that even the whole, even the ‘I’ as the body is self-contraction. That’s the first step. That’s the great discovery. That’s the end of the questioning game. That’s the end of the ego. But you can’t figure it out. The seeming contradictions of life, in the teaching or in me are in you. They’re in your matter of thinking and acting, in your believing, thinking perceptual mind. Their in the self-contraction. The self-contraction is full of contradictions. The self-contraction is self-contradictory. That’s what egoity is. It’s self-defeating, turned in on itself and then turns out onto the world.

Even the Divine Vision fails to be conclusive, because he knows it in terms of this structure of fascination and separation.

The ego is always assuming one side or the other. Maybe at some point it’s resting in the whole but not identifying and not understanding it’s own activity, itself as an obstacle. In other words, not realizing that which is prior to it. To realize what is prior to the whole and the self-contraction is what I call hearing. It is an intuitive realization. It stands prior to mind. And once that realization occurs something happens in consciousness. It’s similar to realizing you’ve been pinching yourself and you stop. You begin to witness your own activity.

All of a sudden, in a moment, this moment you have the key to the whole process. And that key is the root of the conscious process which is the senior aspect of the way from there on. And ultimately it covers everything, the whole cosmic display and all the stages of life.


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