The Absorptive Samadhi of Devotion to Me



Santosha Adi Da (1995-1996) – Gathering “Considerations” with Beloved
Adi Da Samraj, at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort and the Manner of Flowers,
December 29 and 30 1995, and January 3, 1996.


The Yajna Discourses of Santosha Adi Da (1995-1996)


The Absorptive Samadhi of Devotion to Me

A Gathering “Consideration” with Adi Da Samraj

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, California

December 29, 1995


DEVOTEE: Beloved, I wanted to talk to you about what has
been happening in my life. One of the things that I’ve been
feeling very profoundly since You’ve returned to California,
and actually more and more just in these last couple of
weeks-and I think this is true of me, but I also feel its
true of many individuals-is that You have Given us
everything, and that we have really seen what we are doing,
and You have Given great understanding. You have shown just
about everything that’s possible at a certain level, and the
futility of that has become very apparent. And it feels like
we are entering into a new moment with You, coinciding with
the establishment of true Hermitage. This is the great
Calling. As You have said, there are certain signs that have
to come into existence, and one of those is the Lay
Renunciate Order. I feel the urgency of that also-

ADI DA SAMRAJ: [blandly] “Urgency of that also.”
[laughter] [Beloved laughs.]

DEVOTEE: He has a way with words.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Ah. Good. Very boringly put, Dennis. You
really got the “consideration” started. [laughter]
Well, that’s good. I’m almost ready to “consider” something
about that. [laughter]

DEVOTEE: Beloved, what Dennis is saying-a lot of devotees
have been saying the same thing. Its only by Your Grace that
we can transcend ourselves. I really feel the miracle of
what You’ve created. And along the lines of what You
described last night in terms of asking You, being fully
submitted to You as the Master-it isn’t a matter of anything
else. It is a matter of taking full responsibility. And in
doing that, an LRO is created. You recently asked us to
submit our names to You and ask You what our practice is.
Its not a matter of us somehow monkeying ourselves up to
becoming LRO or level 0. We feel how nothing more has to be
done except we must give ourselves to You. And that’s what
Your devotees are feeling tonight.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Just about as boring as Dennis.

DEVOTEE: We collaborated on this, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Relative to the LRO-I don’t know what
you’re going to propose to Me tomorrow, but it cant simply
be another restatement of the gathering of the insiders who
are maintaining the status quo. That’s another reason why I
said that the LRO must be made of those level 0 and beyond.
There must be real maturity and profound practice.

You, Brian, and Dennis too, are talking about “Narcissus”
and how, as “Narcissus”, or the ego, you’re helpless, bound
by your tendencies, and so forth. Its true enough, but
that’s not an expression of hearing.


Due to Adidam’s copyright restrictions the remainder of the talk has been removed.