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first truly human or humanizing stage of development is for
us to transcend our dissociative emotional reaction to the
inherent limitations of the body-mind and its experiences.
It is only on the basis of a body-mind that is free of the
conception and motivation of existence as a dilemma that the
actual Realization of Truth can be founded. It is not the
problem-solving exercise of mind or psyche that Realizes the
Truth, but only the relaxed openness or tacit suspension of
mind, psyche, or attention itself permits that Realization.
It is not the strategic exercise of the body, or the total
body-mind, that Realizes the Truth of the body-mind, but
only the relaxed openness or tacit suspension of all
contraction, all knowledge (or “knowing about”), and all
self-possession permits that Realization.

Therefore, the human individual must
grow into an understanding of himself, such that the
reactive programs of knowing and acting are transcended in a
tacit Realization of the Transcendental Condition in which
the body-mind is arising, floating, changing, and passing
away. The actual or Realized Truth is not itself an answer
to the emotional dilemma of our existence, since we must
transcend that dilemma as a precondition for Realizing the
Truth. And the Truth is not an escape from the limited
mortality of the body-mind, since neither mind (or psyche)
nor body is made immortal by the Realization of the

The “Truth” that we seek (and
sometimes claim to find) on the basis of our trouble is an
invention of our own. The “Truth” that is proposed as an
“answer” to the conceived dilemma of existence and that
seems to represent an escape from the mortal limitations of
the body-mind is itself nothing more than a state of the

The actual Truth of our existence is
simply the case. It is not an answer to a question. Indeed,
any question (or emotional dilemma) must be an obstruction
to the Realization (or clear and direct intuition) of what
is always already the case. A disturbed and strategically
active state of mind and body cannot discover the very
Condition or Truth of the body-mind…..

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