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“The Forever-Spoken Word of Reality Itself (pages 37 –
41)” From THE ALETHEON (Final
Ruchira-Sannyasin-Order-Authorized Edition) –








The “Source-Texts” of My Direct Self-Utterance
are the Always-Living Word of Reality Itself, now (and
forever hereafter) Spoken by Me to absolutely every one, and
all, and All.

The “Source-Texts” of My Divine Avataric Word
always Communicate Reality Itself in-present-time.

The “Source-Texts” of My Divine Avataric Word
are the Perpetual and (now, and forever hereafter) Always
Direct and Non-mediated Self-Utterance of My Real
Person—As I Am.

The “Source-Texts” of My Divine Avataric Word
are Addressed (by Me) directly to every particular
individual—personally, but, also, in and As Reality
Itself (and, Thus, Eternally Prior to the
ego-“I”). Such is the Uniqueness of the
Forever-Spoken Word of Reality Itself.

No matter how many times you read (or Listen to) My
Divine Avataric Word, every time you read It (or Listen to
It) you will “experience” unique and distinct
responses, unique and distinct “subjective”
activity, and a distinctly unique circumstance altogether.
Nevertheless, the reason that My Divine Avataric Word is (in
Reality) new every time you approach It is not simply that
you are always going through changes. Rather, the reason My
Divine Avataric Word is always new (and Always Now) is that
It Is the Direct Self-Utterance of Reality Itself—Which
Is Always Already Prior to time, space,
“location”, “point of view”, and

The conventions of everyday speech and writing are based
on a social convention that is, in Reality Itself, untrue.
The “I” of the presumed separate and independent
“self” is an illusory (or, in Reality Itself,
non-existing) and abstract (and, thus, universal, and
inherently non-personal) identity, by which (as a device for
social “dramatization”, or relational reference)
all common spoken and written language is proposed. My
Divine Avataric Word is not spoken or communicated
from—or, Ultimately, even to—the egoic “point
of view”.

It is commonly presumed (merely as a matter of
convention, rather than of “experiential”
observation) that intelligence and thought are functions of
personal identity, inherently associated with a central and
constant source-construct, which is the
“I”-thought (or a separate “self”, or a
separate “personal mind”, identified as the origin
of intelligence, thought, and action in general). However,
in fact (confirmed by direct “experiential”
observation), intelligence and thought are autonomous
activities, associated with the brain-body-complex and with
the structure and symbols of language itself (both verbal
and abstract).

Truly, the exercises of intelligence and thought go on
constantly, and, in general, without a context of
“I”-reference (or of a separate-“self”
;resumption). Intelligence and thought are, in general, no
more the evidence and the result of an active and central
ego-identity than any instance of mere perception,
originating (as it does) from the simple contact between the
brain-body-complex and a source of sensation.

The “I”-reference is a convention of social
representation—and, in fact, no definable,
quantifiable, or comprehensively identifiable separate
“self” is (or even can be) observed. Likewise, no
separate, definable, quantifiable, or comprehensively
identifiable “personal mind” is (or even can be)
“experienced” or (by any means) “known”.
Thus, the “I”-reference, the separate
“self”, and the separate “personal mind”
are mere (and otherwise un-“knowable”) conventions
of common speech—and, otherwise (or in, of, and as
“themselves”), they are fictitious
“entities”, or socially and “subjectively”
presumed myths.

In general, the “I”-thought does not arise in
the context of active intelligence and active thought. The
exercise of intelligence and thought does not, in general,
include “I”-references—as if to remind
oneself “who” is thinking, reading, counting,
perceiving, talking, and walking. Thus, the
“I”-reference is, in general, reserved for
socially interactive communication (and other forms of
socially-dramatizing or socially-speaking mind)—and,
otherwise, the “I”-thought (or
“I”-concept) does not arise in the reveries of
intelligence and thought (whether in the waking state or in
the dreaming state).

My Divine Avataric Word is, primarily, a Spoken Message.
However, That Message is not Spoken by an
ego-“I”—nor is That Message Spoken (either
originally or, forever hereafter, in any then-present-time
moment) within a mere social context, or as an address to
any mere “social ego”.

Written language is, basically, a representation (or a
picture) of spoken language. Therefore, My Divine Avataric
Word is (in Its Written form) a visual Representation (or
always Now-Spoken Textual Sign) That Extends (or
Self-Radiates) My egoless Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and
Self-State—Which Is the egoless Self-Nature,
Self-Condition, and Self-State of all-and-All.

I Spontaneously Uttered the “Picture” that is
My every “Source-Text” of Divine Avataric
Word—each of Which is a by-Me-Given Means Whereby I
Speak from and As the Reality-Position That Is Prior to
egoity, Prior to the body-mind-complex, Prior to conditional
existence, and Prior to time and space. Therefore, My
Written Word Is the Speech (or Direct Self-Presentation) of
Intrinsically egoless (and Self-Evidently Divine)
Transcendental Spiritual Conscious Light Itself—the
Most Perfectly Self-Awakened (and Self-Evidently Divine)
Self-Consciousness, the Heart-Word of Reality (Itself),
Which Is the by-Me-Divinely-Avatarically-Self-Transmitted
Inherent (and Tacit) Self-Apprehension of Being

Ordinary speech and written language are a
“theatrically”-conceived mode of communication,
which (as such) is “played” upon the
“fiction” of an ego-“I”—much as a
tent for social meeting is hoisted on a centerpole.
Therefore, in the ordinary written language of English, the
ego-word “I” is commonly capitalized, and
everything presumed to be (at least grammatically)
subordinate to the ego-“I” is shown in lowercase.
Indeed, everything that is grammatically and linguistically
conceived to be “other” than the ego-“I”
is grammatically subordinated to the egoic
“I”-reference—and, thus and thereby,
“defined” as “not-self”. Any presumed
“persons” grammatically identified as
“other” than the principal subject or speaker are
commonly shown in lowercase only—unless they are being
addressed or referred to by name. Capitalization is
otherwise commonly reserved for “big meanings”, or
whatever the “fictional” ego-“I”
presumes to be somehow great, or even Larger (and,
therefore, the ego presumes, “Greatly Other”) than

Thus, the “fiction” of ego-“I” is a
mere grammatical convention—as is every
“other”, and, indeed, all of “not-self”.
The ego-“I”, the “other”, all of
“not-self”, all of “separateness”, all
of “relatedness”, all of “otherness,”
and all of “difference” is a mere convention of
speech (and of speech-born thought). In this manner, grammar
(or the conventional logic inherent in the autonomous
proceedings of language itself) rules both daily life and
all of human thought and philosophy—unless Reality
Itself (Which Is Truth Itself) Intervenes, and subordinates
all language to Itself.

My Divine Avataric Word of Direct Self-Utterance is
Spoken from the Inherently Perfect Self-Position of Reality
Itself (Which Is the True Divine Heart, or the Context of
Prior and Inherently Free Being, Itself), the Ultimate
Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and
Self-State That Always Already Transcends the
ego-“I”, the conditional “world” of
“others” and “things”, and the primary
illusions of “separateness”,
“otherness”, “relatedness”, and
“difference”. Therefore, My Divine Avataric Word
Always Presumes and Communicates a “View” of the
“world” (and of Truth) That is Prior to egoity,
and Prior to the “vision” of the “world”
(and the “vision” of Truth) made by the
“theatrically”-presumed “fictional”
character (or the merely grammatically-originated and, thus
and thereby, conventionally-presumed social persona) of

My Divine Avataric Word Is the Spoken and Written
Extension of My Spontaneous Intention to (by Acausally
Effective Means) Awaken the “Root”-Consciousness
of every being to its Real (egoless, Transcendental,
Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Nature,
Self-Condition, and Self-State. Therefore, the conventions
of capitalization (and non-capitalization) in My
“Source-Texts” are Word-Signals to the
Intrinsically egoless (and Self-Evidently Divine)
Transcendental Spiritual Conscious Light That Is the every
“you” of all My Word of all-and-All-Address.

The only “Centerpole” of My Divine Avataric
Word Is Reality Itself, the Conscious Light (or True Divine
Heart) That Is Transcen-dental, Inherently Spiritual,
Intrinsically egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine Being
(Itself). The uppercase Written Words Represent (or Picture)
the Reality-Truth of Heart-Significance—and the
lowercase words, by comparison, characteristically achieve
significance as indicators (or representations, or pictures)
of conditional (or limited) existence.

To read (or Listen to) and understand My Divine Avataric
Word is to be Acausally Released from having to exercise the
egoic vision and its separate and separative “point of

Therefore, read, and Listen to, and recite, and feel
(rather than merely think) the Words of My Divine Avataric

The big and small letters of My Texted Gift always
interrupt the common flow of mind, and Signal the Heart of
“you” that this moment Is the Necessary Instant of
Self-Awakening—to Be As “you” Are.


My Divine Avataric Word Is a Form of My Divine
Agency—an Extension of Myself, a Means Whereby I Bless

My Divine Avataric Word is not independent of Me.

My Divine Avataric Word is not a “substitute”
for Me.


Therefore, as you read (or Listen to) My Divine Avataric
Word, do not abstract yourself from Me.

Do not approach My Divine Avataric Word as if It were a
“something” in and of Itself, separate from

Do not make My Divine Avataric Word into a
“substitute” for Me.

Always use My Divine Avataric Word rightly—as a
(by-Me-Given) Means to turn to Me.


Only by turning to Me, and not merely to My
“explanations” in mind, can anyone receive the
Divine Avataric Gifts I Offer to all-and-All by Means of My
all-and-All-“Brightening” Word of Heart.

By turning all the faculties of body-mind to Me, My true
devotee tacitly “Locates” Me—and (in that
ego-transcending devotional turning, and entirely by Means
of My Avataric Self-Transmission of Divine
“Bright” Transcendental Spiritual Grace) My true
devotee will (in due course) be (whole bodily)
Transcendentally Spiritually Pervaded by Me, and will (Thus
and Thereby, in the perpetual circumstance of turned-to-Me
devotion) Realize Perfect Non-

separateness from Me.


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