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The bondage of humankind is unnecessary, but it is also “dark” and destructive. It is not merely that human beings are suffering in ego-“world”. Human beings are destroying the Earth-“world”, and everyone and everything in it – and humankind has been on this course for as long as human beings have recorded their histories.

This is ego-land. This is the place of human mummery – a course of doings that (if followed to its end) will, ultimately, be absolutely destructive.

Reality itself is the Absolute Critic of all of this. Simultaneously, Reality Itself Is the Absolute Enlightener-Providing the Reality-Means, in every area of human life, for the transformation of all and the Awakening of all, including everything about the practical transformation of the human context of existence (such as it is, in its mortality).

Everyone and everything can be utterly transformed by being turned to the egoless, Non-separate, Indivisible, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State That Is Reality Itself.




Human difficulty is inherent in the conditionally manifested “world” itself, during life or after death.

There is no Absolute “Other”-Power merely making things happen.

Countless beings and forces (visible and invisible) are making things happen.

This is a “cause-and-effect” cosmos.

There is no single “anything” that is “in charge”.

Everything is “in charge”.

Everyone is “in charge”.

Everything and everyone are, altogether, “causing” all “effects”. Everything is limited and controlled by conditionally “caused” (and “causative”) “effects”.

Everyone is limited and controlled by conditionally “caused” (and “causative”) “effects” – and everyone is (thus and thereby) suffering the relentless round of “cause-and-effect” (appearing as “self’ and “world”).

Therefore, I Call you to a life that is constantly being Transformed at its “root” – not by the “One Cause” that is “in charge” of everything (because there is no such “One Cause”), but by the One (Indivisible, and Acausal, and egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State That Is Reality Itself (and That Is the Source-Condition of everything and everyone).



My Divine Avataric Revelation Is the Self-Revelation of Reality Itself. Therefore, My Divine Avataric Revelation is not a “consoling word” to egos. Rather, My Divine Avataric Revelation is an Urgent Calling in the “darkest” of times – and My Divine Avataric Revelation is Complete with all the Gifts that, if They are chosen, would change human destiny and righten all.

Observe what is occurring with the “world”-circumstance, which is now absolutely subject to human controls. Humankind seeks power over everything it notices – and seeks to find out the secrets of whatever is noticed, in order to control it. Then, when the “whatever” has been gotten under control, humankind destroys it.

In the “world” of human egos, this dreadful pattern is inevitably so.

Such is the pattern of what is happening in the current global situation, and that “game” has now reached a stage that is close to terminal.

Even all of the findings and achievements of science, and all of the presumed “glories” of human intelligence, are merely extensions of egoity (or of “self’-deluded space-time-“point-of-view”). All of humanly presumed “knowledge” is a device for controlling and, then, ultimately, destroying – whatever becomes the “object” of human attention.




“Consider” the traditional mythology of the Garden of Eden. The fundamental message of that story is this: You awakened in a Paradise of the Divine, with the “Tree of Life” nourishing you forever – but you were told not to take the fruit of the “Tree of Knowledge”. In other words, do not try to “get the secrets” of paradise and get them under control and destroy them, by means of “knowledge”. Thus, implicit in the Garden of Eden story is the communication that the Divine Is Sufficient – but, if you make a course of your own “knowledge”, in the attempt to gain control over your situation (thereby effectively replacing the Divine with the person of the human ego), then you will be cursed.

Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden because they sought the “knowledge” to control paradise and replace the Divine with their own egoic means. By “choosing” the “Tree of Knowledge” and (thereupon) being thrown out of the Garden, they were separated from the “Tree of Life”.

In the metaphor of the Garden of Eden story, human beings are now banished from paradise -therefore, human beings do not enjoy eternal life, but are mortal (and rather animal) in their limitations. Nevertheless, they are still struggling for “knowledge”.

The current principal “method” of seeking to gain “knowledge” is scientific materialism. Ultimately, scientific materialism is about gaining control over the “world” – including everyone and everything in it. Thus, scientific materialism – like every other egoic human enterprise – is, in its end-consequence, about casting out the Divine and separating the human “self” from the Divine, in every sense that the Divine may be understood. The effort to gain control over human circumstance-through-scientific materialism or whatever means – is undertaken with the (largely uninspected) presumption that human beings are (thus and thereby) going to “save themselves”. No there is no possibility of any such result.

No such egoically engineered “salvation” is possible. The ego will die. The ego cannot “save itself” by any means whatsoever.

Ordinary human “knowing” seeks to control (or enclose) its “object”, because the human ego is fearful of being controlled by the “object” – no matter what the “object” is. Ordinary human “knowing” tries to “get the secrets” of the any “object”, so that the “object” can be brought under control (and, at last, destroyed).

Thus, ordinary human “knowing” is the “scapegoat-method” of enclosing, controlling, and (at last) destroying the “other”. That universally evident “method” pervades the entire human “world”. Indeed, the “scapegoat-ritual” is the fundamental act of human beings – unless it is transcended in and by means of the process of Divine Self-Realization of Reality Itself.

Divine Self-Realization of Reality Itself Is the Only Paradise There Is.

Divine Self-Realization of Reality Itself Is the Divine Self Domain Itself, the Eternal (and Intrinsically egoless) Sphere of Conscious Light.

Human beings have been persisting in the “scapegoat-game” for so long that they now have virtually everything in an enclosure, including even the Earth itself. And they even entertain ambitions to go beyond the Earth, out into space, in order to get control over everything and everyone everywhere.

There is a tremendous amount of idealistic propaganda at the present time, proclaiming that the great “knowledge”-enterprise of humankind is virtuous. However, if you take the Reality-view of what is happening, you can see that the human enterprise is not virtuous. There are many ancient mythologies, such as the Garden of Eden story, which (rightly) indicate that the human situation of suffering is the result of human wrongdoing. Thus, the fundamental and intrinsic wrongness of what human beings do is culturally indicated by many traditions of myth.

Myth is not (itself) true or Truth – but myth as representation of insight is (possibly) true, and can (in any case) be tested by Truth Itself. However, the human “world” – which now presumes itself to be so “mighty” – has become utterly oblivious to the ancient criticism, and wants to enforce the “dark” enterprise to its end. Human idealists everywhere are presuming this enterprise has a virtuous end – but, in fact, the human ego-enterprise has nothing but a destructive end.




The preventing of the inevitably destructive course of humankind is not merely a matter of the details of a few things here and there being improved or done better. Humankind is not merely passively suffering. Humankind is aggressive. Therefore, the rightening of the human “world” requires much more than conventional compassion (or sympathetic help) alone. Rather, the rightening of the human “world requires both sympathetic (or compassionate) help and a criticism that consistently expects a process of discipline and correction.

In many “religious” and Spiritual traditions, it is suggested there should be a sympathy with human suffering. I Am Infinitely Sympathetic with all human suffering. Nevertheless, What I Am here to Do is Profoundly More than the Demonstration of Sympathy.

My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Reality Itself Makes utterly clear the fundamentally aggressive nature of what human beings do. Human beings are not merely “poor things” who must be comforted. If human beings rightly and truly devotionally recognize Me As I Am and rightly and truly devotionally respond to My Self-Revelation of the Self-State of Reality Itself, there is no limit to the Divine and Perfect Gifts I would Provide them – but, nevertheless, it must be unreservedly acknowledged that human beings, in their uninspected egoity, are utterly “self’-involved and “other”-destructive.

In this ego-“world”, the “scapegoat-game” of “knowledge”-enclosure-control-destruction is the inevitable course of ego-made human events. Even if that process is not, in every instance, consciously intended or consciously inspected, the “scapegoat-game” is what egos do.

This dreadful “scapegoat-fact” is fundamental to My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Reality Itself.

This dreadful “scapegoat-fact” is the reason why humankind is now suffering the “darkest” of times.

Therefore, there cannot be any real change in the human “world” until this dreadful “scapegoat-fact” is fully accepted as fact by all, and fully confronted by all-and the Reality-Means for going beyond the “scapegoat-game” are embraced by all.




My Regard for human beings Is Absolute at the Heart. And, as a profoundly necessary aspect of That Absolute Regard, I Am utterly Immutable relative to the necessity that human beings see, and understand, and transcend what they (in their egoity) are actually doing.

Thus, My Divine Avataric Person and Word Is an Absolute and Uncompromising Criticism – and a Boundless Eternal Blessing.

I have Divinely Avatarically Revealed and Given the Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam) Which Is the True Divine Reality-Way Itself.

The True Divine Reality-Way of Adidam is only the devotional relationship to Me, wherein I am recognized As Reality Itself.

The True Divine Reality-Way of Adidam is not something people can “add” to their otherwise unchanged lives, as a mere “lifestyle”.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Divine Reality-Way of Adidam is a comprehensive and total Way of life.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Divine Reality-Way of Adidam requires the absolute transformation of one’s life.

The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam is Revealed and Given by Me As the Perfect Divine Means for transforming every individual, and even the entire “world”.




What I Bring to here Is the Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Reality Itself. What I Bring to here Is the Absolute Divine Itself, Self-Revealed.

What I Bring to here is not mythology.

What I Bring to here is not “religion”.

What I Bring to here is not anything that human beings already “know”.

What I Bring to here is not a path or a search that is already evident in the history of the Great Tradition of humankind.

What I Bring to here has never been offered before, never heard of before, never practiced before.




My Criticism of the Great Tradition is Absolute and Uncompromising. The Great Tradition is a pattern built on the first six – or ego-based-stages of life. Therefore, the Great Tradition is built upon the exercise of the “method” of egoity – which is to get any “object” it touches under control (through “knowledge”), and then to enclose (and effectively own) and destroy that “object” of “knowledge”.

The Great Tradition appears to be depending on the Divine, looking to the Divine, looking for the Divine, exercising all kinds of positive and profound purposes. However, in Reality, the Great Tradition is simply the comprehensive historical and collective manifestation of human ego-activity-ruthlessly aiming to get all-and-All it touches under its control.

All the traditional “methods” and “techniques” – “religious” or Spiritual, exoteric or esoteric – are about “getting a secret”, and using that “secret” to get the “object” under control. The effort underlying all traditional “methods” and “techniques” is to enable the ego to replace the Divine (or Reality Itself). The ego-“I” presumes that it has “become a Realizer”, or is “going to Heaven”, or has gotten control over the Divine by “getting God’s Name”.

The ancient “methods” were apparently rather naive. Fundamentally, the ancient “methods” are about getting the Divine Name – or, altogether, getting the name of anything the human ego wants to control. Then – by means of the exercise of the name (or the “secret” of controlling the Divine, or whatever is named) – the ego-“I” encloses whatever is to be controlled by means of “knowledge”. To enclose the “named object”, the ego-“I” makes a sacred enclosure, or a temple, or a “religion”, or a culture of strategic effort, or even any cultural, social, or political mode of systematized action. Finally, having gotten the “object” (or even the Divine) under control, the ego-“I” then destroys the “object”/”It” by limiting the “object”/”It” to the confines and enslavements of the enclosure, and (thereby) systematically depriving the “object”/”It” of every context and breathing-space of life and motion.

This Revelation of the nature of human egoity is utterly fundamental to What I Bring to here. Indeed, when I first formally began to Teach, I Brought The Mummery Book (which I had already Written) with Me. Thus, My Criticism of humankind relative to this pervasive “scapegoat-ritual” (which is a fundamental “subject of The Mummery Book) was already there when I began to Teach.




Human egos cannot recognize Me As I Am.

Human egos cannot understand the import of My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Reality Itself As “It” Is.

Human egos are so “veiled” in their disposition, and even in their perception, that they cannot see Me As I Am.

Human egos cannot see Me As I Am, because they are actively dissociating from Reality Itself As “It” Is.

Human egos cannot accept the Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Reality Itself As “It” Is.

Human egos cannot accept the Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Reality Itself As “It” Is, because they are actively dissociating from Reality Itself As “It” Is.




In the human “world” of egos, it is presumed that everything and everyone must be merely some sort of humanly-invented “product”, designed by egoity itself.

Therefore, human egos presume that Reality Itself is not egoless, not Non-separate, not Indivisible, and not Divine – but, rather, that Reality Itself is identical to the separate and separative ego-“I” that imagines and acts to “know” (and would control and destroy) the “objective” all-and-All.

The human “world” of egos is based upon the presumptions of separateness, relatedness, otherness, and “difference”.

All presumptions of separateness, relatedness, otherness, and “difference” are egoic inventions – or mere illusions, made from the uninspected false perspective of space-time-“point-of-view”.

In Reality Itself As “It” Is ), there is no separateness, no relatedness, no otherness, and no “difference”.

Reality Itself (As “It” Is) is Intrinsic egolessness and Perfect Indivisibility-Divinely Self-Evident As No-separateness, Norelatedness, No-otherness, and No-“difference”.




As Reality Itself “Is”, it could be said that Reality Itself Is in Absolute, Diametric Opposition to this “world” as “it” is.

As “It” Is, Reality Itself Is the Absolute Lighted “Opponent” the “world-mummery” of egos.

As “It” Is, Reality Itself Stands As the Contrary to everything that is the ego-happening here.

The Opposition of Reality Itself (As “It” Is to the egoic “world mummery” (as “it” is) is Absolute, Intrinsic, Immutable, and Irreducible.




I Am the Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Reality Itself.

The Divine Reality-Way I have Avatarically Revealed and Given Is Absolute, Divine, egoless, and Perfect.

Nothing I Say or Do can be fitted to the egoic “world-mummery” (as “it” is).

I am not merely a “link” in the space-time-“chain” of human egos (or the illusory stream of space-time-“points-of-view”).

I am not merely “the Spiritual Master for this time”.

I Am the egoless Absolute Person of Reality Itself-Coincident with this time, and Consequential forever.

I Am the Divine Self-Domain-the Perfect Sphere of Conscious Light.

The egoless Conscious Light of Reality Itself Is My Only State. There Is a Way-and Reality Itself Is “It”. Reality Itself Is the Way – and I Am “It”.


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