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The “world”-mummery of human ego-culture survives via the perpetration and the perpetuation of three great (or principal) myths.

The first great myth of human ego-culture is the myth (or the intrinsically false idea) of separate “self” (or ego-“I” itself)-which is the humanly-fabricated idea that the living human “experiential” being is “rooted” in an independent and definable “subjective” consciousness (or “inner self”, or “mind”, or “psyche”, or “soul”, or “embodied entity”, or “located being”, or, in one manner or another, metaphysically-existing “point of view”).

The second great myth of human ego-culture is the myth (or the intrinsically false idea) of separate “world” (or of the universe, or the cosmic domain, as “not-self”)-which is the humanly-fabricated idea that the totality of everything “experienced” by the living human being is “objectively” existing (independent, outside, and in relation to the “internal self”, or the separate and independent “embodied point of view”).

The third great myth of human ego-culture is the myth (or the intrinsically false idea) of separate “Creator-God” (or of the Divine, or the Source and Support and Ultimate Destiny of all-and-All, as a separately defined “Deity”)-which is the humanly-fabricated idea that both “self” (or ego-“I”) and “not-self” (or the “world”-totality) are intrinsically related to and dependent upon an “Absolute Other” that is neither “self” nor “not-self”, but which is as an “other” to both the “subjectively” apparent and the “objectively” apparent conditions of human “experience”, and which is to be referred to by symbolic “Names”, as well as by conventional (but “Absolutized”) pronouns (such as “He” or “She”).

Based upon the humanly-projected (and all-and-All-defining) coincidence of these three great myths (or intrinsically false, and all-and-All-limiting, ideas), human cultures are everywhere “tribalized” (and human individuals are everywhere “tribally” culture-bound), and, thus, functionally and entirely subordinated to the ego-based mind that defines and divides Reality Itself (or What Always Priorly and Indivisibly Is) via and into the constructs (or the human false-idea-fabrications) of “self”, “not-self”, and “Absolute Other”.


The globally-extended totality of present-day human cultures is based upon the pervasive enforcement of the three great human “tribal” myths of “self”, “not-self”, and “Absolute Other”.

That globally-“tribalized” web of human acculturation has produced a global collective of ego-cultures-or a complex “world”-mummery of “self”-deluded, “self”-divided, “self”-indulgent, “world”-suffering, and “Other”-haunted ego-culture.

The “tribalization” of the human mind (and, thus and thereby, of human life as a whole) is made and done by means of the universal enforcement of the three great myths as “root”-ideas, or as the “root”-constructs of “tribally”-required consciousness (both collective and individual).

Therefore, all human beings are now living as “tribally”-bound political, social, and cultural “subjects”, of whom it is required (by many modes of “official” pattern-enforcement) that they (each and all) actively subscribe to the three great myths-or universally propagandized false and all-and-All-limiting ideas-of human ego-culture.


It has happened that, in the difficult (and always freedom-seeking) course of the history of human ego-culture, the third of the three great (and “tribally”-enforced) myths has become vulnerable to human doubt, question, and testing.

Thus, the traditionally upheld “tribal” myth (or intrinsically false idea) of the separate and Absolute “Deity” (or “Creator-God”, or “Absolute Other”) has, for many human individuals and collectives, become either totally unacceptable or (at least) ambiguous (and, certainly, politically, socially, and culturally optional) as a category of “belief” and “knowledge”.

What I Propose to all-and-All is that all three of the traditionally upheld “tribal” myths (or intrinsically and co-equally false ideas) be equally and simultaneously subjected to human doubt, question, and testing.


If all three of the great myths (or intrinsically false ideas) of human ego-culture are equally and simultaneously inspected (and rigorously doubted, questioned, and tested), not only will all three of those great myths prove to be intrinsically and utterly false and illusory, but the globally-extended “world”-mummery of human ego-culture will, as a totality, lose its conceptual foundation, its “internal” urge and necessity, and its ability to captivate and control humankind-and, as a consequence, the disastrously suffered (and, now, and forever hereafter, obsolete) “world”-mummery of human ego-culture will disintegrate and pass away.

In the necessary “world”-event of the disintegration and the passing away of global human ego-culture, an entirely new (and globally cooperative) human “world”-culture (and pattern of human “world”-order) must emerge.

The new (and globally cooperative) human “world”-culture and human “world”-order-which must even immediately and now emerge and forever hereafter perpetuate itself-is the globally-extended human “world”-culture and human “world”-order of intrinsically egoless right-life-participation in the Perfectly Subjective (or Intrinsically egoless, all-and-All-Including, and all-and-All-Transcending) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.


The living human “experiential” being is a conditionally evident pattern-only-rather than an independent “entity” with a separate and eternal metaphysical “self-center”.

Therefore, the living human “experiential” being is (within its conditionally apparent context) intrinsically non-separate-or intrinsically, and dependently, and indivisibly of a prior unity and whole.

As such, the living human “experiential” being is, at “root”, intrinsically and self-evidently egoless-or intrinsically and thoroughly without any conditionally defining “central” (or underlying) “root”-characteristic.

The living human “experiential” being is not “centered” (or “rooted”) in an independent (or non-dependent) “inner self”, “mind”, “psyche”, “soul”, “embodiment”, “location”, or “point of view”.

The living human “experiential” being (or intrinsically “centerless” pattern-only) is, at “root” (or as is, and altogether), intrinsically (or always already) at the “zero-point” (or of the Intrinsic Non-“difference” Characteristic) of the Perfectly Subjective Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself (Which Is Always Already all-and-All-At-Once).

The living human “zero-point”-being (or intrinsically egoless pattern) is a non-separate and psycho-physically participatory pattern-process within the total system, or universally-extended unity of pattern-process, of all-and-All that conditionally (and universally coincidently) arises.

The coincidence between the living total psycho-physical (or whole-bodily-participatory) “zero-point” human being and the universal totality of all-and-All that conditionally arises is an intrinsically seamless (or indivisible) pattern-process (and always prior unity) of conditionally arising and mutually dependent “cause-and-effect” conditions.

The universal totality (and always prior unity) of all-and-All of conditionally arising appearances, including all “zero-point” human beings, is intrinsically (or always already) at and of the One, and Indivisible, and Perfectly Subjective (or Perfectly Non-“objective” and Non-“different”) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself-and, thus, intrinsically (or always already) standing prior to mind (or “inner subjectivity”) itself and (therefore) standing prior to all ideas, including “Deity”-myths, ideas of “Absolute Other”, and all use of “Deity”-referencing (and “Deity-objectifying”) pronouns (such as “He” or “She”).

The Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself Is (Intrinsically, or Always Already) egoless-or Perfectly Subjective, Perfectly Non-separate, Perfectly Non-“different”, Perfectly all-and-All-Including, Perfectly all-and-All-Transcending, Perfectly Indivisible, Perfectly Acausal, and (Altogether) Intrinsically, Per-fectly, and Self-Evidently Divine.

Reality Itself Is the Perfectly Subjective (and Universally Self-Evident) “Zero-Point” of all-and-All that conditionally arises.

Right-life-participation in the Perfectly Subjective Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State is whole bodily (or total psycho-physical) “zero-point”-participation in the indivisible “zero-point” pattern-process of all-and-All that conditionally arises-thus and thereby intrinsically and constantly transcending the three great myths (or intrinsically false ideas) of human ego-culture.

Right life, thus egolessly and whole bodily participatory, is the intrinsically non-“tribalized”, intrinsically mummery-free, and intrinsically and altogether free basis for the new human “world”-culture-or the Reality-Based integrated system and always prior unity of global cooperative order-I (now, and forever hereafter) Propose to all of humankind.


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