The Transcendence of Negativity and Unlove – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Chapter 7: What Is Wisdom?

The Transcendence of Negativity and Unlove


When we experience the world in and of itself, we inevitably find justification for recoil, negativity, despair, and degenerative self-exploitation. The roots of both asceticism and a faithless ordinary life are in this confrontation with the bare facts of experiential existence. But even if the self-contraction is justified by the conventions of mortal experience, it is immediately undermined by intuitive Realization of the Condition of the world and all experience.

The problem is that our attention tends to be fixed on the world or experience in itself – as a bare fact of awareness. We must resort to a deeper or more direct and intuitive awareness of arising phenomena. The world of experiential fact may appear to be threatening and ultimately futile (and self-contraction is itself nothing more than a reflection or emotional imitation of that appearance), but we are always already in a Condition that transcends mere experience. We are always already or priorly in a transcendental (or experience-transcending and self-transcending) relationship to the factual conventions of experience. That is to say, whatever the limiting facts of present experience, we are primarily and priorly related not to experience but to the Condition in which all experience is arising.

We may tend to recoil from the world of experience and toward the self, but that tendency is, in effect, not merely a rejection of experience but a rejection of the Condition in which experience (or the world and the self) inheres. Thus, if that Condition itself (rather than experience in itself) becomes the primary focus of awareness, then the world is transcended and the tendency of recoil is transcended. And, in this manner, the quality of the individual being ceases to be self-bound and becomes one of ecstasy and love.

We are rightly related to the world and all beings only if we are able to transcend the habit of recoil from the world and all beings. Therefore, we are obliged-as a Law of our born existence -t o remain awake to the Living Radiance or Mysterious Reality that pervades all phenomena and lives every individual being. Then, as a matter of moment to moment practice, we must transcend that habit of emotional and general psycho-physical recoil from events and others by intuitively Remembering the Radiant One that is alive as the world and that lives as every being in the world. In this manner, we will find an emotional, mental, and physical cure in every moment of experience. By constantly Remembering and surrendering into the Radiant Reality or Condition or God of the world, we will naturally transcend the specific, limiting, and frequently negative quality of experiences, other beings, and events. Therefore, by such self-transcending or ecstatic Remembrance and surrender we will abide as free attention and love in the world.

All our dissociative emotion relative to experience and other human beings and the world itself is cured by moment to moment resort to the intuitive base of existence, wherein we directly confront the Living Condition or Radiant Transcendental Being wherein all conditions and beings arise and inhere. Thus, by such intuitive Remembrance and ecstatic surrender we become capable of love, or self-transcending and Life-positive participation in the events and encounters of a lifetime. It is neither necessary nor appropriate to love the world in and for itself-or other beings in and for themselves. The qualities of the world and other beings are generally forms of limitation and they are often profoundly negative. But the link between each of us and the world (as well as all other beings) is our native or prior love of the Radiant Condition in which the world and every being are arising, changing, and passing beyond our grasp. Thus, in each moment, we must Realize the One Who is Alive as the conditions and encounters of the present moment, and in every moment of such Realization (or ecstatic Remembrance) we will remain free in love, or free feeling-attention, relative to whatever aspect of the world or other beings is presently before us. And by remaining thus Life-positive, free, and feeling in our response to the world and to others, we will be able to participate creatively in the school of this world. Then, whatever arises in any moment, we will remain happy in the single eternal Encounter that is our only ultimate Destiny.


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