The Two Moments of Enlightenment

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Chapter 8: The Transcendental Vision

The Two Moments of Enlightenment


There is no “ego.”

There is no “matter.”

The “ego,” or the independent self, is a presumption in or of the mind, based on the conventional psycho-physical self-reference.

And “matter,” or the independence of the body and all other apparent forms, is likewise a presumption in or of the mind, also based on the conventional psycho-physical self-reference.

Once insight awakens relative to the conventional psycho-physical self-reference and it is Realized to be itself only a condition of (or contraction of, or superimposition upon, or modification of) the native Being-Energy wherein all conceptions, presumptions, perceptions, and sensations arise – then “ego” (or independent self) and “matter” (or the independence of forms) become transparent in the Unconditional Being-Energy (or Radiant Transcendental Consciousness) that is always already the Condition of “I” and all the “forms” that arise as experience.

This Realization is the first, primary, or foundation Moment (or level) of Enlightenment.

When this Realization begins to be both profound and stable under all experiential conditions, then the Transcendental Being begins to Radiate or Shine in Excess of conditions themselves. That is, the primary Realization of the Real Condition of the body-mind and all experience is ultimately Demonstrated as the Outshining or Bliss-Transfiguration of psycho-physical phenomena by the Radiant Transcendental Being, the Living Divine.

The Blissful Excess of Radiant Being, or Love, is the ultimate or Perfect Moment (or level) of Enlightenment. And that Process of Transfiguration gradually produces all the possible forms of Transformation of experience, including all possibilities within and beyond a single human lifetime, culminating in eventual Translation into That in which all phenomenal changes always already inhere.