The Ultimate Vision – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 8: The Transcendental Vision

The Ultimate Vision


The idea of a solid or objective world of “matter” and
“one shot” mortality is an archaic and even “Victorian”
concept that survives to this day in popular
pseudo-scientific descriptions of the world and of human
existence. But the now firmly established modern scientific
conception that applies to all events (whether “material” or
“mental”) is that all phenomena and all beings are actually
temporary states of atomic energy, or light. And energy, or
light itself, is an eternally continuous process of
transformation. Form always changes, but energy is always
conserved. Therefore, individual beings, experiences, and
worlds themselves are, each and all, only temporary events,
or moments of the everlasting play of energy. But since all
phenomena are changing and passing into new forms or states
of energy , all beings, human or otherwise, since they are
only energy itself, will also be conserved forever, although
forever in new forms.

This conception of the world and of human existence is
modern and also ancient. The ancient sages comprehended the
world as permutations of energy and saw that a human
lifetime is only a single event in a beginningless and
endless procession of transformations (or births and deaths
in all the subtle and gross or high and low realms of
phenomenal possibility). Some interpreted the factuality of
eternal survival to be the ultimate Truth. These were the
religious mystics, yogis, and magicians, who became enamored
of experience and perpetual devotion to self-existence.
Others, such as the classical Buddhists, were
psychologically disposed to interpret the endlessness of
factual survival negatively, as inherently a matter of
suffering, since living beings appeared only to be
constantly changing and dying and being born again,
sometimes rising up and sometimes falling again, under the
perpetual force of mechanical necessity. Even since ancient
times, those of a superficial and unillumined mind have been
possessed by the self-indulgent and world-resisting fear of
mortality, while others, being more profoundly informed by
experience, have been consoled by factual immortality, and
still others have been determined to bring a factual and
final end to the perpetual cycles of mechanical and
self-centered experience. But what is the Truth? What is the
Realization that transcends both positive and negative
concerns for mortality and immortality?

The Truth that must ultimately be Realized is
spontaneously Awakened when the body-mind and the world and
all experience become suddenly “transparent” to the
fundamental consciousness. This “transparency” is not
generally or necessarily associated with a visual
experience. Rather, it is at first a matter of ego-death, or
the establishment of natural identification with the deepest
or “native” position of ordinary consciousness. Then the
“eyes” of intuition must open. That is, the state of the
atomic energies that compose or define the body-mind, and
the world, and all experience, must become obvious.

It is like having ones visual awareness suddenly
established in the plane of the atom. Then, instead of
viewing the body-mind, and the world, and all experience as
“objective” or solid phenomena that cannot be penetrated by
consciousness, there is the sudden awareness that all
phenomena are made of transparent fields of apparent
“particles” of energy that are suspended in “space” and
moving about in mysterious and ever-changing associations
with one another. Thus, even the empirical “self,” the total
body-mind, is viewed or understood as a transparent field of
suspended particles or vortexes of energy. The body-mind is
mostly “space,” and none of its suspended particles seem to
touch one another, but only to move relative to one another
as if controlled by invisible flows of pervasive magnetic or
electronic energy. And the difference between the particles
that compose the body-mind and those that compose the world
“outside” is not any longer profound. Only certain magnetic
or electronic influences make the difference between the
form of the body-mind and that of the world, but the space
between the particles of the body-mind and the space between
the particles of the world are the same continuous or
absolute space.

Once this “vision” or intuitive understanding is
Awakened, the idea of a solid and separate self, or a solid
body that somehow materially creates or contains
consciousness, is instantly (or inherently) dissolved. Only
the absence of “transparency” (or self-transcendence)
creates or implies the illusion of a limited consciousness
necessarily bound to a fixed physical entity. In fact,
consciousness is limited only to the degree it identifies
with the solid personal appearance of the body-mind, the
world, and the conventions of psycho-physical experience.
The deeper the personal consciousness enters into its
psycho-physical situation, the more its perceptions and
conceptions project beyond the limited self into psychically
expanded space-time phenomena. And when there is intuitive
penetration of the total body-mind, the solid or objective
world, and all the limits of experience, it is Realized that
consciousness is Infinite.

The internal or personal consciousness is actually
identical to the Infinite Space in which the particles of
atoms that compose all phenomena are suspended. When the
illusion of the atom itself is penetrated, so that the
Mystery of Transcendental Space becomes obvious to
consciousness, then the ego-conception is Released, and only
Transcendental Consciousness becomes obvious in the Radiant
Transparent Infinity of energy motions. This obvious
Transparency is Liberation and God-Realization.

When this Liberated Realization occurs, the “problem” of
manifest existence dissolves and all necessity is
transcended. The changing conventions of psycho-physical
existence may remain, but they are not any longer viewed as
a problem to be overcome. There is simply Radiance, Love,
Humor, Happiness, Delight, Wisdom, Strength, Freedom, and
the capacity to Serve the world of living beings with the
Transfiguring Power of Divine Truth.


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