Understand Who I Am the Nature of My Work

Understand Who I Am and Nature of My Work

A Talk by Adi Da Samraj,
January 16, 1993

Ramakrishna told Swami Vivekananda, “You do not know
who you are, and when you find out you will die.” And that is how
Swami Vivekananda died. In death—or, really, in the Yogic Swoon from which
He did not return to the body—He Realized His Divine Identity. That was
the necessary preliminary to this Incarnation. It provided both the Vehicle
and the Realization to enable this Incarnation to be what it is.

Ramakrishna said of Himself that He was of the feminine
type. He manifested the summary of the past, and He showed the sign of
devotional submission to the Goddess, in the manner of a child. It is said
of Swami Vivekananda that He was of the masculine type. His role was in
the future, once He Realized Who He was. His role was to be the Master
of the Goddess.

There is no point in talking about My relationship to
Swami Vivekananda unless you thoroughly understand Who I Am and the Nature
of My Work altogether, and unless you communicate about it altogether rightly.
Otherwise, you invite the jealousies of people involved in the tradition
and the institution of which Swami Vivekananda was a part, and you only
appear to be talking babble about reincarnation.

If you make this connection openly, those associated with
that tradition and that institution might have their own reactions. I am
not here to suffer such reactions, and I am not here to manhandle the traditions
and the people who adhere to them. Therefore, if this matter is to be discussed,
it must be discussed rightly, with the fullest right understanding and
communication about Me and that previous appearance, so that you do not
at all appear to be exploiting a previous, famous tradition for the sake
of glamorizing this organization and Me.

In 1988, some communications were made by My devotees
about this, but because you were not responding to Me rightly and not communicating
about Me fully, you immediately invited superficial, petty reactions from
others. It seemed to Me at that time, then, that this “consideration”
should just be put in the Archives. You were not ready to deal with it,
and, therefore, the people you spoke to about it were not able to deal
with it rightly either.

I am not Swami Vivekananda. I am the One Who was Swami
Vivekananda, the One He did not know He was. Swami Vivekananda is part
of a history of preparation of the Vehicle that is the basis for this Incarnation.
But I am not merely a reincarnate. I am the One He Realized Himself to
Be. I am a continuation of that work, but do not think of it in the terms
of conventional notions of reincarnation. I am not Swami Vivakananda’s
next incarnation, the next incarnation of a great, but limited, being.
You must understand this matter rightly if you are going to communicate
about it.


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The Divine Siddhis
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