The Universal Plan of Experience and the Ultimate Event of Liberation

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Chapter 8: The Transcendental Vision

The Universal Plan of Experience and the Ultimate Event of Liberation


The world is a Machine of experience – of beginnings, changes, endings, and beginnings again.

Every being arises as a consciousness of experience and becomes automatically involved in the Pattern.

Every being is ultimately deathless and constantly reawakens to the levels of experience to which it feels attached or attracted.

Every being, therefore, has the potential for a countless number of lifetimes – or epochs of experience.

Lifetimes arise spontaneously and for countless aeons (as long as the sphere of experience to which the being is attached continues to arise). Therefore, experience of all possibilities is a mechanical inevitability, until there is Awakening to the Condition beyond or prior to conditional experience.

Experience arises for its own sake, and there are countless realms of variously combined possibilities. However, experience is a limiting force, a self-defining power, a Machine of destinies. Therefore, there is no ultimate Happiness, Joy, or Bliss possible in the realms of conditional experience.

The inherent frustration of Happiness, Joy, or Bliss in the realms of conditional experience is the only force within the realms of experience that is greater than the motive of experience itself. It is the recognition of this inherent frustration that begins to Awaken the being to the Transcendental Reality that is the Source-Basis or Condition of all conditional experience. Therefore, recognition of the inherent and profound frustration of Happiness, Joy, and Bliss that we all are suffering is the basis of Wisdom and the ultimate Realization of Happiness, Joy, and Bliss.

Every being inevitably continues to experience lifetimes of conditional and self-binding experience until there is the recognition of the inherent frustration of Happiness, Joy, and Bliss in the process of conditional experience. When this recognition becomes profound, there is the Awakening to the Transcendental or Divine Condition in which all conditional experience is arising – and this Awakening Realizes Wisdom, Happiness, Joy, and Bliss.

When any being Awakens to the Wisdom, Happiness, Joy, and Bliss of inherence in the Transcendental Divine (the Condition of conditions), the mechanical association with the Machine of experience is released. Therefore, beings are constantly reborn to the conditions of their experiential attachment, and they go on and on in the experience of mechanical destinies, only more or less aware of the profundity of their inherent frustration, until they recognize that frustration, Awaken from their mechanical associations, and Realize the Wisdom, Happiness, Joy, and Bliss of inherence in the Transcendental Divine Being. In that Event, they are as if sifted out of the conditional worlds, and they are moved by Ecstasy into the Radiant Eternal Domain of the Transcendental Divine Being, prior to all association with experiential limitations.

Those who are not thus Awakened are seen to play out their frustrated adventures in the chaos of destinies always present in any dimension of the world. But those who recognize the inherent frustration involved in any such adventure see the profundity, inevitability, and universality of suffering in the conditional world. They continue to fulfill the pattern of activity and experience which is appropriate to their circumstances of existence, but their orientation is no longer to experience itself or to the self-being itself. Rather, they live and act in a spirit of self-transcending surrender, Ecstasy, or Love-Communion with the Radiant Transcendental Divine Being. Therefore, their days pass in the midst of the conventions of activity and awareness in the world, but they are more and more profoundly Transfigured by the Wisdom, Happiness, Joy, and Bliss of God-Communion. Finally, they cease to be born to attention in the realms of conditional experience. They are Outshined, and the world is Outshined, by the Radiant Being of God.


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