Until You Realize, You Will Never

“Truly, it can only take place when there is already the intuition of Real-God in the Heart, as the Heart, and the regenerated intuition of the God-Light. And these things are given as a Grace in the process of Satsang.”
Garbage and the Goddess – Chapter 9


Until you Realize, You Will Never...


The following excerpts are under the general heading “until you understand and realize things you will never”.

This seems like a disjoined heading but it falls under a ‘theme’ or ‘investigation’.

There is seemingly a ‘paradox” or a ‘contraction’ to the Dharma in trying to understand it. Understanding Dharma is a very slippery undertaking because logic, reason (the tools of the discursive mind) are not fully capable of reducing the ‘subject’ of the Dharma to a form of understanding that is ‘intelligible’. Although it (the mind) would like to, and there are many gallant attempts to do so, but unfortunately ALL attempts, no matter how ‘slick’ and fascinating they are, do not bring Realization of Spiritual egoless Consciousness which is prior to ego-mind.

But this does not leave the ‘subject’ out of bounds of understanding. There is a ‘weave’ or a ‘samyama’ (in-depth consideration) that can be entered into that will help guide but as all guides lead the traveler must ultimately make the journey alone.

“So it is right and appropriate and basically necessary to come to a real considered position about this matter for the sake of practice, not for the sake of consolation, not for the sake of mere believing.” – Adi Da Samraj

Until you Understand (Realize)…
“The mirror is covered with dust and you must clean it and you will never succeed!
That doesn’t mean there is no process of realization. There is one.”


Until you realize the self-transcending disposition and begin to relate to everything differently, what you do really makes no difference. I am not saying that nothing will make a difference no matter what you do. You can do all kinds of things and realize all kinds of effects. I mean that you could take on any of discipline, path, trip or style and none of them will change anything ultimately. They will all simply express the same bound disposition, the same self-possessed personality.”

Beezone edit and adaptation

“It is said in the ancient scriptures of India that there is One Thing to be known, and if you know It, then you know everything. To realize Brahman, the Principle upon which all of this is a play, is the Supreme Science. Until you realize that Principle, you can never understand the play of manifestation. You may manufacture all kinds of explanations for it, none of which is true, but until you Realize Brahman, Truth, Consciousness, until you are It, until you enter into It most perfectly, become the Siddha or the Master of that Realization, existence is a torment, deluded, absurd, and maniacal.”

“Spiritual life is moral transformation through love, through Intuition. It is not a matter of gaining knowledge. All knowledge passes…You will never acquire any ultimate certainty through the means of knowledge…you will not become certain of (Reality) through any egoic pursuit of certainty, knowledge, or information.

“You must trust whatever your life is. It put you into being, so you already depend on it. It is what you are, and you must be willing to surrender to it and then let it show you the body’s secret. But you will never realize it while contracted and full of stress.

“You basically are afraid of that you see because you identify with the personae which is dependent on the machine and which hasn’t understood itself to the point of breaking the spell of the software hardware game and realizing the eternal condition which is eternally free therefore of all these consequences. It’s not merely making them; it’s always free of them. They are a play upon it and have no independent existence and yet the Great Condition is not responsible for them like a cause is responsible for its effect. It is a great paradox. It’s not to be figured out perfectly. It is to be transcended utterly and that will not make sense to you until you realize that you truly are uncomfortable and are never going to be comfortable as long as you are merely a conditional personae. You never will no matter how grand the program may ultimately become, no matter what plane you may be born into you see, you’ll always be looking at this strange apparatus. This is what I have always bee sensitive to. This is why yogic phenomena, mystical phenomena have never bound me up you see. I’ve had all these experiences — when I have the experiences, I see this weirdo machine you see.”

Until you realize the true significance of your own activity. In this stage of practice you must do it and your doing is a response to the Presence, to that Divine nature that you have begun to feel.

The Presence may not be known independent of feeling. You cannot think about the Presence. Thought is itself a form of tension, a contraction. When the mind is occupied in thinking, it is no longer-occupied in attention. So the mind must become attention to the Divine through the Name of God. And the heart must come attention to the Divine through feeling. And the body must also become attention to the Presence.

Thus the breath is the instrument whereby the heart and the body and the mind are linked to the Presence. All the normal functions of your natural life, your gross life, your ordinary human life, are turned to the Presence through felt attention and the breath.

It takes a while to adapt to the process.”

“No questions then the only thing you have left is to do it. The practice must occupy your entire life. You must devote your entire life to it. You must be devoted completely to it. Otherwise, being only superficially associated with it, you may perhaps realize a better life by virtue of your coming into my Company, but you will not fulfill the Way in your lifetime. Instead you will devote the Virtue of this Way, the Spiritual Transmission Awakened in my Company, to the ordinary purposes of your living, and fundamentally It will only grant Energy to the same thing you are already doing. Therefore, to the degree you are suffering, your suffering will be intensified. To the degree you are successful, your successes will be intensified. But you will never merely be successful. You will also become exaggerated and bastardize the Virtue that is given to you.”

“if you spend your entire lifetime resorting to the egoic technique and fretting over, your limits and merely acquiring information about yourself, you will never truly practice the Way.”

“I am confronting this mortal affair, because I am going to die. There is no doubt in my mind about that. This body is dying. It already looks old. Its not my business to be perfect, and there is no perfection here that I have ever seen. If some white-suited, absolute God-man comes up here who is the glorious trinity incarnate, I’ll bow down to him before any of you. I’ll be running out on the lawn a lot faster than any of you.

As it turns out, I am That. But as you see, nobody bows down to me. Everybody struggles against me, like you. You cannot recognize the Truth in the form of the paradox of these limitations. You expect some archetype or other to waddle in front of you. You will never see it happen.”

“The Way is to yield the self, the self-contraction, in all of its faculties, to the degree of Samadhi, and then to be drawn in that Samadhi to My Perfect Position, Prior to the body-mind, and enter into That Most Profoundly until you Realize there is only Me. And in that Realization it will be the same as to say that there is only You.”


Until you Realize Me Most Perfectly, egoity governs all of your life – absolutely every detail of it. Egoity is suffering-inherently. Egoity is contraction – a strangulation, a shutting off, a disturbance. Therefore, you are motivated to seek. You seek to be relieved of that stress that is your own creation, to “satisfy” yourself out of it somehow, to “enjoy” yourself out of it somehow, by exploiting the capability for experiencing the modifications of Existence Itself.”